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Stealth Core Trainer has removes BORING from the plank exercise with an innovative planking platform and smart technology that combines the plank exercise with a competitive element. Using Stealth's Smartphone app, people can play the Core Challenge game, which is a randomized gaming workout that takes you through a competitive challenge, tracks your progress, gives you a score, and ranks you on the Stealth worldwide leaderboard.

Start your day with a three-minute workout that will wake up over 29 core muscles and deliver results such as a fit core that is sure to impress significant others, family, friends and help ward off injuries.

Here are 5 things you'll notice when you plank on Stealth every day:
1. Improved Definition and Performance – You'll see that your core is more defined and your overall performance has increased. Planking on Stealth engages over 29 muscles in your abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs.

2. Boosted Metabolism – Planking on Stealth will challenge your entire body, which helps you burn more calories than traditional sit-ups or crunches. Dynamic planking on Stealth will also burn more calories than static planks. In fact, by strengthening your body on a daily basis, you'll burn more calories even when you're sedentary and while you sleep because muscles consume energy.

3. Stronger Back and Better Posture – Reduce your risk of back and spinal column injuries. Regular planking on Stealth reduces back pain, strengthens your muscles and helps to support your back. Standing straight and stable has a positive effect on your neck, shoulders, back and chest. When you plank, your core strengthens, which helps you maintain better posture throughout the day.

4. Increased Flexibility – When you regularly plank on Stealth, your posterior muscle group, which includes your collarbone, shoulders and shoulder blades, will be easier to stretch. Additionally, the plank also helps you stretch your toes, hamstrings and even the arches of your feet. This movement will help you be able to hyperextend your toes, which is crucial to supporting your body weight.

5. Body Balance and Better Mood – A stronger core means that you'll achieve better balance which reduces the risk of injury and falls. Planking on the Stealth also affects the body's nervous system, which can help improve your overall mood.

Features and Benefits:
* Jump start your day in 3 minutes
* Watch video or play games while planking
* Fits any size smartphone
* Portable unit allows you to exercise anywhere (indoor/outdoor)

Axtion Tech supply a wide range of fitness technology and fitness gaming products. Get in touch with us for latest prices and full product information.

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