First off, let me apologize for being so long between videos. 2020 has been a year I think most of us are looking forward to saying goodbye to. The Covid-19 crap changed a multitude of plans for myself, and for many others. So Fall rolled around and thoughts of long term trips began to appear. That led to the thinking, that some extra room might be nice so that we didn’t get back home hating each other. So, here is the first look at the new mobile tenement.

In the latter part of June of 2020, we took a little trip down to fish the Green River below the Fontenelle Reservoir. Stayed at a BLM campsite and enjoyed the fishing and quiet. Was enjoyed by all.

Had changed and added several things to the van and figured it might be a good idea to do a shakedown run. Might be better to find any problems now, rather than have them on a longer run later. Found a free spot with some fishing close by. Killed two birds with one stone, did the shakedown and got some fishing in.

Was back in Hot Springs State Park in late November of 2019. This time I had a passive stabilizer that hopefully improved the video of the park. If interested, it is the MOVO Stabilizer and was supporting my GoPro. Did have some wind noise and I apologize for that.

The Hot Springs County Museum is well worth the price of admission. They have done an excellent job of displaying their artifacts. I came to see their Oil Field Exhibit and was impressed. If you are in Thermopolis, Wyoming do take the time to tour the Museum. This was shot in late November, 2019.

Day 7 has finally arrived, somewhat late though. We only spent one afternoon in the park as the breakdown cost us a net one day. This is that afternoon. We started home the next morning and did not do any video up for that. (In fact, took hardly any heading home.)

Life is still in the way. But here are days 5 and 6 lumped together, including a little mechanical mayhem. Life will throw a few curve balls at you, so you have to roll with the flow. Day 7 will get done, hopefully faster than this one got done.

Life has gotten in the way again, and will continue to do so here for a spell. Be patient, I promise to finish this trip up and add some other material as well. This video covers our fourth day out. Most of it shows where we Boon Docked on the third night. The rest is of the Grand Canyon.

The second video of our trip to the Grand Canyon and Arches National Parks. We entered Grand Canyon National Park at the East Entrance and from there the first view of the Canyon is at the Tower, which is where this starts and then goes to Moran View. It was late afternoon, so we moved on had some supper and found our spot to boon dock at for the night. (2nd upload)

This the first of several videos covering our trip to the Grand Canyon and Arches National Parks. To be honest, Monument Valley comes real close to exceeding the Grand Canyon for awe inspiring views. May have to visit there again and spend more time there. The next videos will come, but I have to catch up with LIFE after getting back.

Just a little bit of our trip to Yellowstone over Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31 through Sept. 2, 2019). Not something I would like to do again, too many people. We didn’t fight the crowds, just moved on through and out of the Park. So, not to many videos or pictures. Maybe next adventure will be better, I certainly hope so.

There is even less here. However, it has been memorialized by the plaques and we should be grateful for that.

Not my best, but there is not a great deal left at this site. The Fort played an important role on the Bozeman Trail. Today, it is mostly forgotten and a fair distance off the beaten path. I guess should be glad for the pull out, the signs and the monument.

Just a little blooper video. Had made it to Fort Reno, but the camera operator had some issues. Will get there again and do it right.

Third and final part of my walk through Fort Phil Kearny. I apologize for being so long in getting this one up, but LIFE has been getting in the way again. It may be a bit before I get around to the next one, but be patient, I will get there and get the video edited.

The second part of my walk through Fort Phil Kearny. Part III will be coming shortly.

This is the first part of my walk through Fort Phil Kearny. There will be other parts to follow. The tough part is figuring what to include and what to put on the floor. I spent over 40 minutes walking through and filming it all. In fact my GoPro started a second recording, as I exceeded the file size. The site is off of Wyoming I-90 at Exit 44.

Here is a video about the new toilet, (Yes, it does appear that I may have gone to crap.) its inner workings and how to charge it for going into operation. The hosed black tank doesn’t matter now, as we no longer need a black tank. The toilet came from c-head.com and they were a pleasure to work with.

Hopefully, we can start getting some videos of some usage of the van, rather than work on it. Thanks for viewing.

Showing off some new toys and documenting some of the preparation work for installing the new toilet. Hope to have the new toilet in next week some time.

Not the best quality, but I wanted to share. Any way you look at it, my Piggy Bank is going to get thinner. I shouldn’t be up tight about it, it isn’t anything that money won’t fix. :-) I apologize for the poor quality, just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for putting up with me, this time.

Just a video of me rambling while I walk through a portion of Morad Park in Casper, Wyoming. There are a few moments showing early spring in Wyoming. I needed a leg stretch after a tough few days of work and this seemed like a good place to do it. You might notice that Casper Mountain is white, we had just had four days of rain and snow.

This video is just what the title says it is. It is a collection of some things done in Minnie to make life a bit better. We are offering them up as they may benefit someone else. So, enjoy the hodge podge of information.


I have had this one done for a spell, but needed some other things to appear first. It documents a modification that I made to the rear bench seat (jack knife bed) mounting to make access to the house battery more sanitary. Also includes some info that might benefit any other Falcon 190 owners.

This will the last video for a short spell. Have to be out of town will not be doing much if any recording. Will get some up after I get back and have some time to spend at it.


A video entirely about Minnie (the camper van) covering both the outside and inside. Is maybe a bit on the long side, but there was a lot left on the editing room floor. Hope you enjoy it.


Content warning!! This is really just a video of the drive up Tensleep Canyon in the Big Horn Mountains. The first 3 ½ minutes go along kind of slow, but pace gets picked up at that point up until the point I am fixing to do the first horse shoe turn. The video ends in the parking area just out of the second horse shoe turn on the climb out. The scenery is pretty good, but not everyone will enjoy it. It could possibly bother some people with my unsteady camera holding and all the turns going up the canyon.


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