Larry Elder looks into 5 accusations that CNN made against president Trump. Did Trump call himself the chosen one? Did he praise conspiracy theorists? Did he call the Danish Prime Minister “nasty”? Did he flip flop on tax cuts, and did he blame Obama to defend his administration? Larry checks each one of these claims to see if they’re true and if Trump’s actions are unprecedented.

Drones of the Future are Here! AI, Autonomous Weapons

A talk with Bernie Suarez

Jake & Aimee's BBQ Sauce with Back to Basics's Promo Code "bitchute" you can have a 10% discount for an unlimited orders, for an unlimited time.

Trailer weight distribution is very important for towing safely at all times.

Testing to see the best quality

Tweaking memory in Mate Terminal view improved. Audio problems solved. Video greatly improved until processed by Openshot, I will be working on that next.

Cargo Trailer conversion to Camper plans.

Series Parallel Circuits explained.

Understanding Lithium batteries.

This method will work on MX Linux & Linux Mint. Take precautions: damage to your system will occur if you make a mistake.

Tweaking memory can cause your system to crash, take precautions before doing this procedure.

MX Linux Tweaks & more OBS Settings

No more adds on FireFox or other media sites like, ffmovies,ru with is also free. No registration or login.

Setting up sound recorder settings on OBS


Out of the box introduction with reviews of two packages that are now very stable.


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