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CBS News quotes US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions." That's $8,000 for every man, woman and child in the US.

Pentagon Workers Linked to Child Pornography

Information Clearing House

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as World's Oldest Religion and Luciferian Plans for The New World Order

and the prerequisite hot guy in a dress. Who gave that hot massage money trap the keys to the laundromat? Did not bother her at all when I walked in with a shotgun. Two black widow spider bites one next to my left ball one on my outside right ankle best sleep in years.

Thank God some money came in when the head gasket went out in the Buick I have a van to live in the woman in the wheelchair was really thrilled to get $20 well they let her sit in line with the cars to buy some fast food? After all there must be lots of covids left in the restaurants. Another man said he has lived here 50 years he is homeless I help build this town but I am homeless also too haha. The Ferraris Lamborghinis and rolls royces are beautiful Porsches and Land rovers are a dime a dozen. You cannot eat a car but you can eat a Cessna!

Bill Gates And 47,500 Cases Of Paralysis

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa

Bill Gates Funded The Creation Of A ‘Vaccine Passport’ Years Before The Covid Pandemic

Bill Gates: Vaccines Are ‘Phenomenal’ Profit Makers

Elon Musk slams Bill Gates as a ‘knucklehead’ and ‘stupid person’ – and defends vow not to take coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Information Center

“Eli Lilly and the Case for the Corporate Death Penalty”

How Big Pharma Reaps Profits While Hurting Everyday Americans

From Pfizer to Moderna: who's making billions from Covid-19 vaccines?

Drug ads: $5.2 billion annually -- and rising


Discussion with gang stalked soldier.
Marine: Be calm, be strong. Selling chemical and biological weapons to the enemy.


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