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The Drugs Of Course. 31:50

Bill Clinton told Cia mk ultra sex slave Cathy O'Brian that NAFTA is all about the drugs.

From my research they had false floorboards in the JB Hunt trailers for shipping the cocaine, jb hunt from arkansas. Wallmart trom Arkansas and of course:

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Criminal Background

F.A.A. records show that in October 1986, the same Fat Lady was shot down over Nicaragua with a load of arms destined for the Contras. Documents found on board the aircraft and seized by the Sandinistas included logs linking the plane with Area 51 – the nation’s top-secret nuclear-weapons facility at the Nevada Test Site.

Meanwhile, prominent backers of Clinton’s over the same years – including bond broker and convicted drug dealer Dan Lasater and chicken tycoon Don Tyson – have themselves been subjects of extensive investigative and surveillance files by the D.E.A. or the F.B.I. similar to those relating to Seal, including allegations of illegal drug activity that Tyson has recently acknowledged publicly and denounced as “totally false.”'s-criminal-background.htm

Multiple wars based on Lies for the empire

Gang stalked at 6 motel 6's; bikers and mexicans, their club colors are Red. The perps left a red shopping cart in the middle of the road from save not stupormart. Of course the property owner there told me I could not sit in front of dollar free waiting for the room to be cleaned across the street, maroon, suv, purple pads on his crutches, he could eat his bone spurs instead of donuts.

Not just motel 6; years ago took daughter to the comfort inn in sacramento to go to old town; sheriff drove through and hung a u turn then a white jacked old chevy tahoe big mexican, recognized him from rosy woody partments where i lived; told the shuttle driver his girlfriend is pretty, he said he was going to drive her to mcdonalds but she was scared of her man; mexican polisihing his hubcaps outside motel desk checkin, just by coincidence he had a room next to us, tapped six times on the wall above me and daughter, stepped out at 2 am for a smoke in my wife beater, three mexicans across the pool on the second story across the pool in their wife beaters watching me; and on, and on. and on.

Last time I stayed at that motel 6, the lobby was locked up because of covids, walked across the street and bought coffee at dotties casino, sat down at a table with a mexican, he said he liked me and gave me the satanic fist bump, this was in the dark when most normies are slumbering, the police had been talking to a mexican with red bandana, asked security wtf, he said a domestic, never saw a female of the species; anyhoo, the guy told me he had the mexican mafia eagle tattooed on his back, had killed 13 people it was fun, spent time in prison in mexico and san diego, went out to his red dodge pickup, red camper shell, showed me his shotgun and took a swig of tequila, .45 semi auto in the side door.

I walked back to motel six, a guy got off the stair case and went to a room next to red bandana, security was standing outside my room, wtf. Went to renew in the morning and was told I was 86'd.

I got these video's off the internet, am 99 percent sure the video of trucks in the snow is dropping down from the rest area off I-80; I used to take the donner lake interchange down to donnor lake to escape my followme's; finally a mexican and his family would park a funky red car to block my escape.

Colin Bowel and his son! Shills for the illuminati.

I do believe that many of my thug friends who sold drugs said fuck it, fathers very abusive, same as soldiers who had been through hell on earth, nobody gives a fuck about them, maybe that is why they become drug dealers.

She thanked me for my service, I did not serve, she was looking at my prisoner of war hat.
her husband flew 170 missions in Vietnam she said something like it had affected him adversley, he died 21 years ago, rest in peace. I will always remember walking to Fred Meyers supermarket next door to the Reston Inn in Methford Oregon for more beer working in the graveyard all night, a man in line told me that he had been all over town looking for some peppers and finally found them, he said they used to climb the caves in search of those peppers, and when the war was over, they let the Starving Japanese come out of the caves and eat in the mess hall. Should we kill all of the Japanese for being hungry?

Why did we have to kill 3,000,000 men, women and children in Vietnam to save them from communism?
Why did my friends come back and commit suicide?, why did my neighbors die of agent orange poisoning?
Number one, why did we have to kill all those vietanmese children? Children are innocent, they cannot even fly a bomber to kill people.

Of course dollar free sells slave labor goods and pays their workers shit, the executive board of the Korporation makes millions of dollars a year!

2023 10 13

May I punch your button to open your door beautiful?

Get away from me creep!

Chloe is my grandaughter's name from a mexican mafia gangster, have seen her four times, of course he never paid child support; girls always love the boys who sell narcotics to destroy childrens live..

~War Of Terror~ Trust the satanic elite, they will make so much money killing you and your loved ones!

“I can think of no faster way to unite the American people behind George W. Bush than a terrorist attack on an American target overseas. And I believe George W. Bush will quickly unite the American people through his foreign policy.” —Henry Kissinger, appearing on CNBC, 13th Dec 2000

Gang stalked to death for the estate.

Take your children to the airport at least once a day to be groped for wmd.

I was VERY scared, I just sat down and cried.

Man told me that they had a meeting and vtol's would be flown, it would be the Marine thing to do.

Crystal Meth Wade with his RED sideboards on his truck and and his crystal meth girlfiend were not stalking on me, standing on the other side of the wall squeaking the floorboards, fuck, shit, one headlight out on his flatbed, one headlight out on her suv, all beat up, pig tail hanging out where the turn signal should be, walk by his door: I will kill you mother fucker! Door slam! Siccing his big white dog on me, throwing his little white dog against the wall. Running out and hitting his girlfiends 14 year old autistic son in the face for purportedly not giving his litte dog water, because he is a dog lover!


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