Fake news

Whoever engineered this absolutely ass clown chain set up must have been using his own product, his own stash of drugs; Red panties are not the hallmark of a good engineer.

Anyone ever hear of space based weapons using rubies, which are quite common in the Golden Triangle of Vietnam?

Gemstones Are Forever: Bond, Elrod House, Onassis, Hughes & JFK

Mae Brussell: The Gemstone File (12-25-1977)

Air Force Space Command

What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?

Rods of God

Project Thor

Nsa Surveillence Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals Freedom Of Speech Homeland

Planet Venus

Sorry Charley, did not get pictures of mister potato head pegleg at the atm with his prothesis from vietnam in his meth, 200 hit Cia Lsd psychosis.

Did he say the mafia, the cia an bush senior? The same thugs that have harrassed, work place mobbed, bullied and gang stalked good honest people, Targeted Individuals?
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After all these years youtube said my browser does not accept the youtube video format!
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Attention Targeted Individuals, know who is stalking you.

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Wall Street, CIA and the Global Drug Trade
Former Los Angeles policeman Mike Ruppert blows the whistle on Wall Street's role in laundering drug money for CIA enterprises, and warns that Colombia could be the centre of the next regional conflict.

I posted this in support of Targeted Individuals who tell family and friends about the Stasi gang stalking being done to them, disintegration, destroying someones life slowly, no touch torture.They will tell you that these are not helicopters because they were not there and Always know more about you than yourself. How stupid are they?

Gang stalking is Very real; the Stasi in East Germany gang stalked people who they did not like.
Search: Cia gang stalking.
Who sold John DeLorean the cocaine?
Answer: Klaus Barbie
Heinz Kissinger and Klaus Barbie's Narcotics Empire

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