Waking up is hard to do, drove out to the still water ponds outside of fallon nevada during the drought, so smart!; where my psychopathic roomate threw a young bird into the air and when it hit the ground he laughed; thought i was lost drove under a white rams head skull on the entrance to a farm for directions, big stacks of hay bales, cat walking into the open door, man came out, can help you with charging your phone, went inside, he said he was not too smart four terms in prison for moving quantity over the border, follow me, going to pick up arrow heads, he turned on hunter trail, I woke up and turned around, the stillwater ponds were dry and just to the right before we turned left, was cussing myself out loudly alone in the car, transponder alert on the police scanner beeping and glowing red, how do they do that?
"He is the only one out of twenty five drivers who figured out that we are doing homeland security training on them".

Reposted, have noticed that when I send a bitchute video to others on the cell phone, it appears that they cannot read any of the comments.
Twisting the truth as the weirdos do, woke up from a nap the other aftertoon and it appeared to be and undercover in a car behind me, man in a white dress did a half circle walk behind me; person looked to very familiar; the homeless woman in a green van, have not seen her in some time.

Colby realized, of course, that he was in danger of being killed at any time. But I was surprised when I went to his home in Georgetown for the first in a series of long interviews. I thought an ex-CIA director would have the latest locks and security cameras and top-secret protection devices.

Actually the useless truck boss who never drove truck was pissed off, had to install a refrigerator in one of those cabins for the upper useless eaters, 700 miles round trip, right below the town with the useless $1,000,000 bridge, the bridge over the river why? My beautiful father died on sunday, I took monday off, the truck boss started to yell at me on tuesday.


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