American Meth (2008) Crystal Meth Heads. Val Kilmer , Justin Hunt and Jenna FULL DOCUMENTARY

GangStalking is Now EPIDEMIC ~ by Zeph Daniel

American Meth (2008) Crystal Meth Heads. Val Kilmer , Justin Hunt and Jenna FULL DOCUMENTARY

USS New York - the ship built with steel from the World Trade Center

Maybe Woody did not like me throwing a big bird floaty into the yard goat for the company picnic at wild waters, with wesson oil in the kiddie pool for management.

Homeless black man driving around giving water and food to the homeless: "We need to stick together" Woman ran her car off the road up by Klamath Falls, laid in the snow for four days, they did not have to amputate her fingers or toes, but half a leg, pushing a four wheeler with no motor, brake is broken, helping another woman who has no one.


Rip Vietnam veteran truck driver; they sure ripped us off!:

Kip, the driver of the yard goat was fired after 18 years for stealing time, punching out 2/100's of an hour early.

Zombie is homeless, used to be an engineer with Boeing, has a job coming up, hopefully they will not treat him like shit.

A man told me that working for Prime was worse than working for Swift!
One woman says follow me, as we talked at her work, camera's surveilling, I thought the camera's were for shoplifters? She make ten dollars an hour after twenty years, thank goodness the executive board is doing okay. Druggies eating food in the bathroom.
Office worker whispers when the boss is gone, my electronic bug detector said the office was bugged. She told me that her emails were hacked. One raise in nineteen years.
Last evil trucking company, was complaining to a boss at a different terminal that I had never been to, had never met him; he looked up and down the hallway to make sure that nobody was listening and said he could not wait to get out of there.
Consolidated Freightways in Mira Loma many years ago, the terminal manager had a radio on the desk that recorded everything, a listening device in the conference room, Vietnam veteran climbed a tree across the street and was going to snipe him out, but went to jail instead.
One trucking company had a listening device in the drivers break room and in the yard hostlers goat. Two young mexican dispatchers came into the break room: "We are supposed to keep an eye on him". ha ha One night I observed a man in a ghilli's suit outside the yard.
One more time, my pickup, big rig, cell phone, landline, big biker even told me that they bugged it, three new screws on top of the dashboard, apartment, laser listening device from the mexican woman with the red ford windstar; a favorite of drug smugglers, across from me, laser listening device in the grill of the Big mexican woman taxi cab up there in Methford, Oregon.
Maybe fifteen years ago was telling a store clerk about this, he said his wife worked in a convience store also, the boss called one night from home, what are you doing on the floor? Sorting cigarettes.
I was busted up on the mountain, no one around, took the Applegate exit to squirt the dirt, big ol black Navigator came out of no where, two big mofo's, computer screen between them. I pulled the battery and wiped the dew off my lily despite possible sex offender status for America, the beautiful Uri Nation. Called the police on Peg Leg the gang stalker next door from the bathroom, with door closed, fan on, she said: "You can get a restraining order". Walked outside, Peg Leg ran out: "You can get a restraining order"!
Heard on my police scanner: "You have been following him for a long time, I am parked beside Home Depot".

Coffee with Air Force early am, too much time to bake a batch of meth, flew the Chinook down to the river to shoot a bear, straddled the stream hopped out the back ramp in my superman underwear, hand engraved daisy red rider bump stock at the ready, but the bears had done the splits and were shopping at wallmart in yoga pants.
It is not nice to type on your keyboard while a man is in the trees in his underwear and clothes under the other tree over there.
Later on Army went to shoot skunk, other Army drove up rapping on his way to the valley of the dogs.
What They Did to America is UNFORGIVABLE ... (2019)

Robert Reich: What's the Real American Story?


Mommy! There are helicopters following me home from school!
Take your meds honey, you are just imagining things.
You know that you wore an orange jumpsuit twice before you were eighteen. There is no such thing as gang stalking, the stasi were lying to you.
Mommy! They're baaaack!
Mom, have you seen Janelle?
Mom, James is sooo stupid!

Longest running social media friend had all of her videos taken down off Vimeo, she suggested that I save my video's; she only had a C-130 Hercules circling over home for forty five minutes, what a compliment! Her friends said that it is dangerous for a plane to fly so low, how in heavens name can they take off and land?

It is next to impossible to post a link from on fakebook. Am still censored for a few more hours, bogus censorship.

US veterans on life after the Iraq war: 'I don’t want my son to be afraid of me'

I got tired of logging the fifteen minutes to go to the bathroom, make a phone call, etc.
Truck driver: Government decides when I work, eat and sleep

$360 for being in the left lane $360 for driving 62 miles per hour did not help.

Stalking: Tools for Fighting Back

The Stalking Project: Why this project?

A day or two before potato face peg leg the meth head the stalker, the owner of the complex was in his apartment with the door closed, I got the no cause eviction notice on my door happazardly placed probably by meth head with masking tape. Who makes these no cause eviction rules? He who makes the rules are the rulers.

Man tells me that they are talking about banning service workers from Incline Village, must have a six figure income.
Homeless and druggies outside my door, the police were only here two times today that I am aware of. Could some of the drugs be coming from Afghanistan? Is his story repeating?

Marry into money, go to college, buy a home, go to church on Sunday.

How is your golf game? Freightways Labor Day TV

Any of you workers who ran Rio Linda know who I am talking about, something like the first day I heard a dispatcher behind my back: "I am going to fuck with that guy". And he did.


Employers did not tell me what Assholes they were when I hired on. Would be interesting to see Them work for a living.

Peace In Space by Dennis Kucinich & Dr. Carol Rosin

Texe Marrs - Project Lucid

Why do FBI men have a man in a pillbox with a sub machine gun watching them when they enter an NSA facility?


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