Counter Intelligence | Part IV - Necrophilous

History... The Origins of the U.S. Intelligence Community & Why It Spies on Americans

Was talking to legitimate metal recycler at the bubbles car wash on keystone cops avenue, trash dropped all around the trash cans, he said he used to live in the little house in the alley, mexican drive by shootings at night, bang, bang, bang, steve the gang stalking plumber with the pitbull lived in the trashed home next door, condemned, gone now, new owner is cute and really trying to clean the place up, I suggested girls in bikini's, she agreed.
Picture Al Gore running naked around the flagpole in Antartica with three peckered penguins chasing him.

I remember living in McNary, Oregon and a Coast Guard helicopter circling over not swim in the Columbia river, you might get a rash. Running into Umatilla, ugly black Mustang limo tint showed me in the Subaru who was boss, vroom! Two big mexican gang stalkers sitting in a Red Ford Mustang watching me at the atm; gangster mex with gangsta hat and his woman in the library did not like me, black Ford Mustang; mexicans in the back room of the bar playing the lottery, expensive vehicles parked outside; the girls working at Safeway did not know what a magazine rack was! Transponder alert beeping as Crown Victoria drove by in Pendleton. Man at the Umatilla library told me that his friend literally wore a tin foil hat with paper clips trailing down to ground. Friend from Milton Freewater dated a crazy woman one time all doped up, said they were having sex and she freaked, said there were cowboys with guns after her; worked for a veternarian in Pendleton, when that Stupid dog I had ripped the old tom cat Tom up; we went to get meds and she was frigging weird. Guess that she liked to go to bars and beat up black women, but one time got her weird ass whipped. Do not get me started on the cocaine guy from Tri Cities. Funny watching the Marines pile out of the helicopter when it started smoking.



Dressing in drag at Bohemian Grove

The Mystery of Molech Owlman Versus the Illuminati

Woulda shoulda coulda gut shot so many douchebags, if anyone has any organically grown local cabbage heads, please contact me.
Was perped outside the post office. Postal employees are getting screwed too, the perps are trying to Privatise. Mr. Potato Face got in trouble from the manager for having a doggy for the weekend, but the manager never said anything about the drug dealer next door letting friends and pitbulls and chihuaha's stay the night. Woman in Oregon was going to quit because the affirmative action woman was always calling in sick. People who do not give a fuck about others are perps. Amazon, people are getting written up, they used to have to pick 51 orders an hour, now I think it is 86. Bezos must be broke.

I was just blocked on facebook after a thirty day suspension.
Another example of gang stalking, I put my heart and soul into my anti war webpages, which are scrubbed from the internet now, except for one; was at an anti war rally in downtown Reno, cars were honking and people supported us; asked two college girls to sit on the curb while I wrote down the web address. When we stood up some man behind me said: Some people just come to these things to pick up girls. fuck him. I printed out my web pages in high quality laser and put them in a fancy folder for my mother and my best friend who did not have the internet, they told me that they were no good without looking at them. Another time at the Sparks, Nevada library, was walking by the computers and a black guy with a hoody turned around and on the screen was a black guy screwing a white guy up the butt. Another time, luck of the draw, got a computer next to a mexican guy who (I think) was gang stalked out of road paving company same as me, same as the other two road paving companies we did not get Davis Bacon wages for working on federal jobs, $32 an hour, that job was $18.50 an hour with benefits, the other two employers from out of state, $18 an hour, no benefits. He stood up and walked out the door in front of me and across the street, the Sparks police had two mexican gang stalkers handcuffed and sitting on the ground. Thought it was quite amazing, walked out of 711 on Greenbrae drive, had checked them out before going in for two fer hot dogs, Sparks police had two mexican gang stalkers face down, spread eagled on the ground, yellow tazer drawn, the officer kicked a semi auto out of the way. I do not think the owner of the gun had a concealed weapon permit. Do not get me started on the two black widow spider bites I got at the Western Village hotel casino, I remember the mexican laundry guy pushing the cart down the hallway and turning around looking at me. This is all of my webpages that is left:

They have been doing this for a Long time,


How a FAKED Alien invasion could jumpstart the NWO

Walked to the batroom at the city park, white car backed out then pulled back in, while in the bathroom someone flushed in the womens, car pulled down the street and stopped, turned into angled parking, backed out again, pulled up into angled parking across from the ball park and drove and parked straight parking at the river. I called the police on the neighbor day before yesterday, manager said I should have contacted her, she was not there at the time, she said something must be done. Police were here one more time for him, they have a report, not nice to his dog, his girlfriends son, the 70 year old woman across the lane. .
Facebook friend, retired truck driver same as me, the perps have killed seven of his dogs, he is alone when they fire guns nearby, flattened the tires on the semi trailer, stole his mail, scrape his mothers car, mess with the little old trailer that he lives in.

I have found that the average person is so dumbed down, they literally do not care.

I watched this movie on Thanksgiving day in Gardnerville, Nevada; I had already seen the horrors of the Iraq war from my computer, alternative news media such as the Guardian UK, Al Jazeera, which Bush wanted to bomb, murdering civilians, journalists is against the Geneva Convention; Information Clearing House and others. I would step outside for a cigarette and here they came, first law enforcement, then the mexican gang stalkers, big mexican with his wife in a yellow Hummer; then three mexican gang bang cars with the megaphone exhaust. I walked to my pickup and turned on the ignition and sure enough, the transponder alert on my police scanner was beeping and the the light was glowing red. As I was driving back to Carson City, I told my brother's Christian friend and his son what had happened, the transponder was still going, I saw them in the rear view mirror giving me the eyef---, after they had passed the light went out. Jim said: Do you think they have your truck bugged? Yes.
Hello to the beautiful woman from Santa Cruz that I met in the lobby; your boy will be fine.

Does The CIA Control The Media?
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of thing


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