The cover photo exemplifies people who watch controlled television and refuse to read a book.

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WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld - THE ULTIMATE CLIP (Edited)

Will never forget fat Pete telling me about finding fat Jack at McDonald's in Lincoln, California eating a big fat fat hamburger, when the fat operations manager loses the grievence forms (you do want to sit by the phone for free for three days because of lying dispatch) but smokes a pipe you are in the amazing company of an authority figure. The last fat fat operations manager never gave out years of service or safety awards, many sitting in his official office, but that is another story, of yet another fat fat cat. I do remember a safety man who never did the work, was quite gruff when talking to wifey on phoney. I do remember a fat dispatcher poking me in the chest when I got a job, a grown man should not have to wear a padded bra to protect himself.

WAR on DRUGS reality: Former CIA case officer John R. Stockwell REVEALS & views Elections (1988)
When you think people are on your side, push come to shove they will put you down for doing the right thing. For example went to a meeting saturday night with people who have been aware of the lies much longer than me, did not get a chance to talk to a certain man, but he had mentioned in the past that when he lived in the apartment complex on gentry way near the peppermill casino the mexicans would be carving things on the hood of his car with a machete, said he took it until some guy died with five bullet holes to the chest on his doorstep. I lived two blocks away and would hear gunfire twice a week, helicopter circling over moana ballpark outside my window spotlight shining down. Point being, I started to tell some stories and was told that I am spiriling down and should be spiriling up. What the fuck? Have handed out my card with my internet sites only to have it handed back, etc. Rather frustrating, other targeted civilians know all about this. I wonder if those people had helicopters circling with the spotlight shining down outside their window would think that is part of their nightly routine? Certainly could not talk about the present situation, people just want to hear happy happy. (-; Told a man who served in southeast asia about helicopters and as per usual just got yelled at. Strange. Old news, but potato face for some reason was awake in early morning, former flakey neighbor, walked up to the store and when I walked out gunfire on the side of the store, real ugly mexican with a red, white, and green ball cap with a beat up blue gm pickup, lumber rack, started following me down keystone cops avenue, pulled over to the curb, I got two blurred pictures. Keeps life interesting!

Soldiers in Hiding - Documentary about about war veterans



Real creeptards.



Mae Brussell: Charles Manson Was a Patsy (10-13-1971)

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Why do cowboys wear make up?


May 24, 2014

November 15, 2014

Targeted Individual Dr. Sean Andrews Ph.D., Materials Science M.S., Organic Chemistry

About three regular stalkers at present, red duct tape in the parking space, being yelled at, shut the fuck up, so much more, kicking the chair out front down the sidewalk, two others in parking lots, ol whitebeard who tailgated me into dotties casino in the green dodge durango early one morning and pulled his harley in front of me at idlewild park on the cell phone of course, was at the little shopping mall later, wagged his finger at me and said I never forget, thanks so much for helping to destroy America.


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