Here is one from the archives I just found on the old laptop.
The first only debit card dedicated to directy funding your favorite talentless sack of youtube shit without having to sit through hours of pointless annoying content. Now fans can fund their favorite E-Beggars directly from their paycheck, cause hell, ads and Super chats won't be good enough for long for these greedy assholes. Well now you have ShoePay, based off of the most talentless sck of llama turds, Shien

True story guys

Did popular Crypto YouTuber Vincent Briatore actually invent the Bitcoin Pump N Dump?Or was the just his nick name in high school?
Watch as he admits to inventing Bitcoin/Alt coin Pump and dumps and market manipulation all.ALL BY ACCIDENT!

Just comedy folks don't take anything in life to serious

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Thats right you seen it here first folks, Trump and Stormy Daniels didn't Know there was a camera in the Hotel room that night.

Back with another edition of Idubbbz green screen Memefest 2: Shoenice Cringe Collection. Haven't done a Shoenice video in a while but these Idubbbz green screens were just screaming with Shoecringe.

Here are some intro's I have made for the Steemjet Space Force On If you have not heard of STEEMIT you are missing. Get paid for posting, liking posts. The same crap you do on YouTube and Facebook All day, Except there is chance you can actually earn something If you put some time into it.

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Idubbbz issued a green screen challenge to those with their degree in premiere pro. I had no choice but to accept this mission. Here I present to you Episode 1 of The Idubbztv Memefest - Let your Nutts hang edition. If this does ok then I will more than likely do some more of them. So please if you laughed at any of these show your appreciation and upvote please and follow as well if you would like to see more stuff like this.

Ripped this video from Chinada3 who was Mirroring En Viking.
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Contest entry for @kaskanarchy's on Steemit's contest to make a music video for his Song calico.

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I thought this one looked pretty cool

Here is a free animated verge logo,Please if you use at least have the courtesy to shout me out or your just an asshole. No i will not give you the source files if your not going to at least sub to me

Use this for shilling your Nano XRB to your friends

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Use this clip to shill your doge or brag to your friends when you get that the mooooooooooon

Made a 3d model of Vitalik Buterin the godfather of ethereum,

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Song used is Chris Record ; #hodlgang


Choo Choo MotherF**kers

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