10 percent of the world's uranium has come out of that hole. Two more uranium mines have been planned but so far Kakadu National Park has protected those areas. The original locals have always referred to the uranium rich areas as sickness country.
So much power from such a small space.

Savannah woodlands and rivers of Kakadu and a little bit of Arnhem Land.
Some backburning can be seen. This is the season of Wurrgeng which is the end of the dry season.
Where ever you can see water in this video, it is likely there are crocodiles

This rocky escarpment is 500 kilometres long. It is believed to have once been a sea wall.

It is towards the end of the dry (Wurrgeng) season so most of the water is gone. If you keep your eyes peeled you will see flocks of birds. Wetlands and woodlands are starting to look brown so the places which still have water are green and distinct. Some back burning can be seen in the background.

The correct name is not Arnhem Land, that is a Dutch word for the area. I cannot spell the correct name. This two men are demonstrating how to throw a spear with a Woomera, although they use a different name for the weapon. The young man throws the spear from Arnhem Land across the East Alligator River (which is full of crocodiles) into Kakadu National Park.

They call her Snappy.
Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia.

Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia.
Snappy gives a little indication of how powerful her bite his. Listen for it at the end of the clip.

Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia.

Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia.
This alpha male saltwater crocodile owns about a mile of the Adelaide River along with the 25 to 50 females therein.
The front part of his face was bitten off by the alpha that he had to kill to take ownership of the territory.

140 Kilometres south East of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

450 km south east of Darwin, 25 km south east of Mataranka, Northern Territory, Australia.
From the red centre to the green north.

100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia. 1700 million years in the making.
The video feed cut while it was flying. Didn't really know what was filmed until I had downloaded it from the drone.

100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia.
Formed 1700 million years ago. The soil has gradually eroded away from around them.
Traditional land of the Warumungu people. The marbles are the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent.

Setting up for the Alice Springs Show.


The drone was fighting the wind so I couldn't get it as high as I wanted. Still, got a half decent shot of the distant tableland.

Early start to the day. Low sun to the east.
There was over 100 km of farmland just like this.

I stopped just west of the Leichhardt River East Brach. You can see the river because there is no water in it at the moment.
40 East of Mount Isa, North West Queensland, Australia.

The Gulf Country. North West Queensland. Australia.

Dinosaur Country. Well, it used to be. 60 Kilometres north of Winton, Queensland, Australia.
Breath taking landscape. Had to stop for a quick fly and get some footage.


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