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Swapping BV1's on my 66 and 67 Chevy 2 Novas

Putting around for a bit on the Kt250 trials bike with a wipe out.

In this video I look at the restored headlights on a 2003 Mk4 Volkswagen Jetta using 3M Ultra Headlight Restoration Kit, Easy Heavy-Duty Restoration, 39195 that I bought off of amazon. 6 months later.

A look at a hose that works good for GM over flow hoses

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Making a pressure tester for my 1978 Kawasaki KD175

Working through some of the issues the Titan has with a little ridding at the end.

A look at solving some issues with a 230/250 Radiator hoses to a 230/250 radiator.

Building a stand to aid in the some metal work.

Not the video I wanted to make, but the video I came up with, all in prep to start the G5.

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A little background info and story telling ( not legal Advice) on what has happened to my 1979 Chevy K10, the ol square body drove home.

Takign a look at OER's N7954 rear door arm rest for my 1966 Chevy 2

sealing the tank on my 100cc 2 stroke Kawasaki

At least for me the issues are over, but the tale has a happy ending.

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KKOA lead sled show in Salina, Kansas 2023 walk around

The start of rehabilitating a 1972 Suzuki T500 Titan. In this video I work on the fuel/ Air/ and oil injection system.

A look and semi assemble of a 1973 100cc G5

mini update

The last chance for the ol ct90

Rebuilding the pump on my 1978 KD175 Kawasaki

mucking about with a non running CT90

In this video we look at why " El Bastardo" a 1958/67 Triumph T100 won't kick over


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