Base Speed and Machine

squirting the engine, and hand cranking the engine over

Just some random videos from 2 areas on the race course.

Full video of the race at a weird angle on my handle bars.

link to Race:

My go-pro ran out of battery before the race ended
link to Race:

Sorry its later than normal, been a busy week
link to Race:

A lil video of some junk that was headed to the scrap yard G4TR F11

In this video I spend weeks dissembling a engine.

I had some technical difficulties editing this video and had to switch to a different software. However this was the first evening of working on this motor pull.

Not the video I had planned

Please use caution when using this method. As fires can easily be started.

giving a overview of some new to me lathe.

In this video I come close to destroying a crankshaft while rebuilding it.

A long video of me running the lathe.

Pulling the engine out and checking the cylinder size.

Introducing the bike I plan to ride in the Florence, Kansas Grand Prix (May 29 2022), as well as a little history on it.

The Facebook link:

Swapping the glove box out in my K10

Testing out a TS8000 while making a handcrank,

My first real video of the rebuild of my Triumph Tiger Cub.


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