Found this on twatter - just thought u might enjoy seeing some UNCUCKED germans ?

just wanted to share this very BASED Danish hip hop track with the goys out there.. I did the best i could with subtitles - i might have missed or lost some nuances in the translation proces - but the overall meaning is spot on. -
Link for my trollin youtube account where it seems to Work better than here:

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- Re-upload from JoooTube -sorry but can't remember which channel i got it from - but when i find the info in my notes i will post the info here. :-)

Just a clip from Andy and JF 's golden period... Most hilarious weeks on youtube.

Members of the Danish fraction of NordFront meet's to remember our fallen brothers ?

-just saw this commercial that really moved me..... If you can hear sobbing in the background - it is me - getting hit in the feelz ?

- Fear the Little Goys ? oy vey!!! REMEMBER TO SUPPORT PATRICK LITTLE!! ❤ find him on joootube at - VotePat2018 - And as always don't forget to do as Patrick and NAME THE JEW!!!
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Jezze in a nut shell - go support his channel goys... 1488 ? ?
This is a clip from his ((MGTOW-Dayli Stormer)) video.

Link to the full stream:
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? Go sub to this dude, his streams are really chill and based as fck.

She Claims to run for the party Britain First - and now she is almost crying on air - for them... EEEeeeW!

Fuck yeah!!!

Just wanna share this sad moment when Harris castrated himself in public.

Link to FULL stream
While the american alt-right have turned into a cluster fuck of weird ass drama - the swedes are reclaiming their streets ? two places in one Day!

In June of 1967, Israel knowingly attacked a US Navy Vessel in a false flag attack.
Watch this to hear the pilots confirming their orders to attack reporting back that the ship they were attacking was American... and the air base radioing back to them to attack the US Ship as ordered.
The jewish fake news media had the story all ready to go that the attack had been carried out by Egypt...

.. I got a strike on my youtube channel for sharing this (even though i blurred out the boobs) - So now i am uploading it here on awesome Bitchute instead.- This kind of loonisy needs to be documented.

?? Awesome!!!

Scary video showing the sad state of Europa. 2018

Media is scripted. In more ways than one.

The compilation in the start is going viral right now, which shows why old media want to abolish social media – if we couldn't upload a video like that on Youtube or Twitter, we wouldn't be able to show how corrupt they are. Social media is competition that old media doesn't want.

The media hysteria on fake news only serves to push for a destruction of social media in its current state. The endgame is to force Youtube and Facebook to get publishers, which decide what's allowed on their platforms. In that moment they've essentially done away with social media and returned to the "old way" of things – where a monopoly gets to control what voices are allowed to be heard.

Sinclair broadcast group is the largest owner of TV stations in the US, currently operating 173 stations:

Sharyl Attkisson on Astroturfing – fake grassroots:

Her Ted talk can be found here:

Udo Ulfkotte on journalists being controlled by government agencies:

The movie near the end is Network (1976)

Other examples of media scripting:

The comedy saga continues ... #MakeSwedenDenmarkAgain

Sweden got triggered by his first sketch making fun about Sweden - so this awesome Danish BASED comedian makes fun of Sweden for second time.
if you want to see the fist part of this saga - you can find it on my channel. :-)

If you wanna Watch the full show - just go to RedIceRadio channel on youtube - the title is on the screen. :-)

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