This document explains exactly what David Brock and his progressive media think tank have in store for Trump!

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This is a group of #resistance members that are pushing a narrative that Donald Trump is a Nazi and that #Qanon is a terrorist. I believe clearly this is a faction that is being supported most likely by forces within the deep state. They try to portray themselves as White Hat team members. Clearly they are not.

After the Parkland Shooting and the CNN Town Hall - Mr. Haab was accused of doctoring up emails regarding his son Colton not wanting to participate in a scripted town hall. Here is the back story.

I called Glenn Haab, the father of Colton Haab, to discuss and find out the back story behind the "doctored emails" controversy.

Recap of a phone conversation I had with Glenn Haab father of Colton Haab in reference to the "doctored" emails as alleged by CNN.


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