2018.02.20 WAR ROOM 3rd hour Owen Shroyer: Steve Pieczenik's key point about Sandy Hook starts at minute 10:30 on:
Decades deep-state operative, Dr. Steve Pieczenik states: "Nobody died at Sandy Hook. It was a nonsensical story that was created by Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and a bunch a idiots in Connecticut."

2.26.18--Parkland, FL shooting shared many resemblances to Columbine shooting. Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver interviews Patrick Tomlin, the younger brother of John Tomlin, who was killed during the Columbine shooting in the library. Patrick Tomlin's family has avoided media for decades... supports the idea of trained teachers carrying fire arms to prevent another Columbine tragedy. 12.33 mins.

2/23/18 hr #3 (+ front extra) Clip of kid actors verification video (+ front 7 mins with Tyler Nixon-atty) 14.5 mins of Owen Shroyer War Room


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