Beaner World 2050

This happened in a retirement house in Argentina.

New released scenes of the epic Jany fight between 2 Trannies vs. 2 "straight" men wanna be who were chasing the two "ladies" inside a Pizzeria in Hialeah, Cuba, I say Florida.

Luz Extinguido Town are taking justice by their hands against one thief who is constantly stealing inside the town markets - Dominican Republic.

Man escaping from detention falls 4 stores - Peru.

One good way to correct the whole family if they're being so fools. "No pain No Gain" :P

This happened in Hialeah, Florida. 2 Cuban-exiled Tranies were eating their dinner, when 2 jerks were harassing them. The tranies felt disturbed, so they taught them one good lesson: Tranies are men disguised as women, and sometimes they've got more testosterone than some "straight" faggots ;).


This is not a Clickbait - watch the full video. :)

From Peru to The World! :D




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"We've determined what Americans will look like in 2050, and it's beautiful."