A question for Pastor Arnold Murray about his thoughts on weather fallen angels were extraterrestrial.

The storm that never came.

Wild chemtrails over Chelsea, Mi

?- Is Satan an angel or a cherubim. Pastor Arnold Murray anwsers.
Pastor Arnold Murray and son Pastor Dennis Murray on YT? Or the website.

South Carolina..lived east of the mississippi all my life till this year, about the end of Feb. Am currently somewhere soouth of Las Vegas.

JESUS came to fulfill the law not change it. (not 1 iota) sorry about the sound quality.

Don't let anyone ever tell you. You don't need to understand Revelations. or YouTube.

Pastor Arnold Murray on why not to be first taken from the field and the meaning of "woe to those with child when I return" or on YouTube

A question answered on 6th day creation Pastor Arnold & Dennis Murray @ and on Youtube.

animals in the wild, nature at its best.

It seems many misinterpret this passage, Pastor Murray explains


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