The video she "obviously cannot upload to YouTube":

It is going to be hard to improve on this episode, as I play a central part in this production.

YCMTSU. A video denouncing American government militarism and imperialism that claims terrorists did 9/11. More to come on this disinfo clown shortly.

The first in a long series.

He didn't use the term fascist dickhead with Minadeo. These clowns love to poison the well with contradictions.

All the Passio clips come from videos that are up on YouTube. They don't mind being called Nazis when it is one of their assets doing it.

Damn these Nazi capitalists and their usury system.

Full video:




This is pretty funny. At 14:57 he says "I really haven't to be honest with you, I really haven't listened to him for a long time either because I don't listen to hardly anything anymore. That's why it took me so long to find out that he was dead...." and then in less than 30 seconds he completely contradicts himself and says "while WE were waiting for him to come on to the live stream...." And earlier in the video (11:17) he seemed to be pretty familiar with Jeff C's recent work, saying "his videos now aren't as intense as they used to be......."

Also of note:

12:15 He says you can't find anything on "this guy". A strange way to refer to someone who he is singing the praises of and claims had been a "pretty close friend of his."
12:35 He says he assumes it's true because the people that put it out are good people, and then he struggles (or pretends to struggle) to think of the name of one of these people he is confident are really good.
13:58 He says "I think he said when I met him that he was like that was about 5 years ago." The obituary they put out says Jeff C was 48 when he died.
3:16 He says "I'm like one of the few people on YouTube who have ever seen his face." Yet he has said nothing that I am aware of about the obituary as of now.

He closes dramatically with "we got to take up his torch and keep up the fight, cause we're the only thing that stands between uh you know now and blade runner."

Right, right sure you are.



Not was, IS. "He's a real good person guys." "He's real" "He's the real deal." I especially love the shout out to his supposedly dead buddy. And Minadeo's stuttering. LMAO, what a clown show.

5:55 "In no way is this about Jews."
9:20 "They are as much of a victim of this crap as we all are."

So according to Jeff C there is no Jewish Problem just an Israel Problem. LMAO, which one came first? And so many supposed woke folks regarding the JP are all torn up about his purported death and singing his praises. They are all frauds, just like he is.

A very strange analogy being employed here by someone supposedly so well versed in how the world works and who runs it.

From a live stream this Summer which is no longer on YouTube. Listen to what he says at 12:40. There are several questions here. Is his disappearance him pulling the plug? Why would people figuring things out necessitate HIM pulling the plug? That makes no sense. And what are the channels he might have to pull the plug on that aren't his?


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