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Science misrepresented.....again

Science teaching gone wrong
Science misrepresented

Teaching science gone wrong

TTA Podcast 189: Unoriginal Faith (with AronRa)

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Our original podcast guest had to postpone, so AronRa jumps into the mix for a casual (and random) conversation with Seth Andrews about God, Satan, the shattered Ten Commandments monument, Governor Rick Perry, a host of pre-Christian deities and some details about the Australia leg of the Unholy Trinity Tour in 2015.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this conversation among friends.


TTA Podcast 162: Faith-Healer Fail!


Throughout history, pastors, preachers, healers and holy rollers have claimed to directly channel God in the performance of miracles. The sick and afflicted stand in long lines to be touched and cured by these (supposed) conduits of divine healing power.

But how effective are these healers? What types of miracles are claimed and received? What about those who received no actual healing benefit? Who profits from healing services and crusades? What are the tricks of the charlatans and fakes? And are they all fakes?

This podcast expores the side of "faith healing" that you won't hear about during Sunday morning prayer.

PODCAST #45: Faith Healers (with James Randi)

PODCAST #128: Religion & the Placebo Effect (with Dr. Andy Thomson)

Samson's Revenge (part 2 of the Samson Trilogy)
God punishes the Israelites with oppression, and then gives Samson super powers to violently liberate the Israelites from the oppression God inflicted upon them. Seems like a plan that was totally not made up by ancient people...totally. I mean, surely a plan that good has to be something that only the most intelligent being in existence - the creator of the universe - could come up with. Right? Um...right?

This video is part 2 of a trilogy; here’s a link to parts 1 and 3:
Part 1:
Part 3:

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Natural disasters, says multiple pastors, are caused by gays, gay marriage, and LGTB

Multiple pastors claim natural disasters are caused by gays, gay marriage, LGBT people, and immoral laws

'God Isn't Allowed In Schools'
Do tragedies happen in schools because children aren't allowed to pray there? Is that even true? No. Children can pray in school if they want. Beyond that, just stop and think how awful this argument makes God look. If you mean that being encouraged to pray would cause kids to be less violent, however, then you need to simply look at the rest of the world.

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Samson Da Barbarian (part 1 of the Samson Trilogy)
long ago, God gave supernatural strength to a psychopath. This is his story, the story of Samson Da Barbarian (aka Judges 13-16)

This was part one of a trilogy. Here's a link to parts 2 and 3:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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TTA Podcast 88 - The End of the World
Available on iTunes:

And BlogTalkRadio:

We survived the Mayan apocalypse. (Whew!) But this most recent prediction of the end of days draws a big circle around the other recent doomsday predictions, as well as the near obsession many have with Armageddon-like prophecies.

In this show, we look at some of the most memorable End-Of-The-World warnings and the people behind them, and we discuss the obsession so many have about their rendezvous with total destruction.

Your calls and emails,

TTA Podcast 295: Buddhism

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Is Buddhism a religion? A philosophy? Both? Something else? Many Buddhist organizations - physical and online - promote it as a way of "finding peace within oneself.

What about atheists who are Buddhists? Is this a spiritual journey, or a method for framing a physical one?


David G. McAfee on Buddhism:

Stephen Batchelor:

No Religion Required podcast:

TTA Podcast 270: The Dogma Debate Tandem Show - Seth Andrews & David Smalley
eth Andrews joins Dogma Debate host David Smalley in the DD studios for two hours of candid discussion about their shows, the guests, the fans and critics, and some of the opportunities, challenges and quirks of producing "heathen" radio.

No script. No theme. Just two radio hosts face to face. Enjoy.


TTA Podcast 219: My Family Thinks I'm Going To Hell
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Are you an atheist (or perhaps an adherent to a religion apart from that of your parents, siblings, children or distant relatives), and your loved ones are terrified that you're sliding the slipper slope toward damnation?

This podcast is about the fears of the faithful, the damage done by religious concepts of Hell and torment, and the liberation that comes in living without fear.

Neil Carter's blog, "You're (Not) Gonna Miss M

TTA Podcast 212: CoExist?
What happens when ire meets insomina? Join your humble host for a late-night (and impromptu) rant about religion, reason, "proofs" for the supernatural and the often-claimed charge that everybody should simply hold hands, celebrate their differences and "coexist."

TTA Podcast 209: The Unitarians


Unitarian churches are essentially promoted as houses without walls, places were diverse opinions and cultures can converge in safety and without judgment. But how can churches not have doctrines, specific holy books and/or dogmas? Does the Unitarian church have merit as a place of respectful discussion on topics relating to belief, purpose and truth?

What are the colors, cultures, branches, sects and flavors of Universalist churches out there?

Michael Werner's book "Regaining Balance: the Evolution of the UUA"

TTA Podcast 206: I Was Outed!

It's one thing to "come out" as an atheist (or even someone with doubts) to associates, friends and family. It's another thing to be "outed" by someone else, often against your knowledge or wishes.

This podcast talks about the challenges, both personal and professional, of those who've had their non-belief exposed on someone else's terms.

Seth's "letter" of encouragement:

TTA Podcast 198: The Question of Christ

Is there any evidence for a real Jesus? Was Jesus' story borrowed from earlier religions and cultures? Is Jesus really the reason for the Christmas season, which is being celebrated globally this week?

In this podcast, Seth Andrews speaks to three historians who have dedicated much of their lives and writings to the subject of Christ and Christianity: Dr. Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald and Dr. Robert M. Price.

Join us for a compelling panel and an enlightening show.




TTA Podcast 183: Bedtime Bible Stories (that will terrify your kids!)

Children raised in Christian homes are almost always surrounded by beautiful and inspiring tales hand-picked by parents for bedtime. They're inspired by Jesus' miracles. They learn about Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree. They sing about Joshua and the walls of Jericho. They read the joyous tale of Noah's Ark and the boat filled with (often colorfully-drawn) animals.

In this podcast, we talk with Joey Kirkman, co-author of "Bedtime Bible Stories," about the darker tales of scripture and his recent book (complete with parental advisory label), and we take your calls and emails on the bible tales that might just keep Christian children wide awake with terror when the lights go out.

Bedtime Bible Stories website:

Ed Suominen: Jehu's Jihad

Seth's Patreon page:

TTA Podcast 182: I Used To Believe Strange Things

Many skeptics and rationalists come from religions, cultures and behaviors that stand far apart from their current relationships with reality. This show takes an entertaining look at the strange beliefs many atheists once held and explores how otherwise rational minds can entertain the irrational, the unusual and the bizarre.

TTA Podcast 213: Christian Music - Behind the Curtain
Newsboys. In January 2015, he came out as an atheist. In this broadcast, George speaks about his experience as a Christian artist/minister and his apostasy, and we also hear from others who once played to packed houses on the CCM stage.
How much of CCM is ministry? And how much is money? We ask those questions (and more) tonight

TTA Podcast 208: Religious Schools, Religious Rules
There are few experiences like attending a religious elementary school, high school or university. Some religious institutions of "learning" are mild, moderate and relatively benign. Others operate like puritan prisons. And the strict (and often bizarre) rules imposed by these schools can be interesting, entertaining, and often alarming.
This show features the experiences and stories of those raised in religious school environments.

TTA Podcast 189: Unoriginal Faith (with AronRa)
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Our original podcast guest had to postpone, so AronRa jumps into the mix for a casual (and random) conversation with Seth Andrews about God, Satan, the shattered Ten Commandments monument, Governor Rick Perry, a host of pre-Christian deities and some details about the Australia leg of the Unholy Trinity Tour in 2015.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this conversation among friends.


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