Let's play with some more Pyrodex tm Black Powder cannons today

This is the beginning of a piece I'm working on. I have a little bit more to it that will double the size but I can't quite get it smooth enough to perform yet.

How many grains of Pyrodex can a wooden mini cannon take without reinforcement? Let's find out!


We unbox and review a new set of Headphones for my home studio

We've all seen them out there and wondered if they're worth a crap. I pulled the trigger and dropped the $20.00 on one and here's the unboxing and review.

As part of my new project we review a mini spy camera. Should we keep it or trash it?

We've been at it for just under 2 months and we're seeing some results!!!

We're comparing the $16.99 XtremPro Action Camera to my old Akaso EK5000 that I paid $49.99 for 2 years ago and it's still the same price on Amazon

I'm not a gamer but I play one on BitChute! I really suck at video games in general so sit back and have a laugh at me trying to play this classic

We finally have an appointment with the physical therapist and, well watch and see

A trip to get new equipment for my wife. Her old brace is broken down and no longer very effective. There's a process involved. We need to start with a cast being taken of her leg and foot. That's what's happening today

Can you make a story about shoe shopping?

Caution, fat guys at the gym! But we're here for a reason, to make changes

Here we spent some time at the gym, we're really new to the world of health and fitness so join us in this journey to a better life

The part came in and our other plans for the evening fell through so I decided to get this project done. We're really happy with the results. Not a big job but an important one for Valerie

You've seen that we're getting Valerie a new Power Wheelchair, but what's wrong with her old chair? Let's try to figure this out!

Today was the Seating appointment. So much more after this but here's the next step

My wife is confined to a wheelchair through no fault of her own. Her old chair is 10 years old and way past due to be replaced. Here's the beginning of the process.


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