Sometimes the crime is not by the one arrested.

On this episode of News and Views the panel discusses Bill's health, Medical Marijuana being restricted to 1,000 feet from any school, smart phone scams, the extraction of a CIA operative from Russia (inside the Kremlin), and questioning the faith claims of our President and why evangelicals support him.

Leaps in logic rarely result in truth.

Warp drive is not always necessary to answer your calling.

Sometimes we miss the Source of interesting things.


Robert Francis O'Rourke: The one who would violate the Constitution to gain the votes of the fearful.

In your earthly struggles for the Lord, how many times have you remembered that it is His work, through you, and not actually your work at all?

Urghhh! It was Times Square Church, NOT Tower Grove Baptist!!! Anyway, warts and all, this is this morning's Walk-n-Talk, unedited (because of the length it ran to: the model number of an airliner).

Sometimes they're signs; sometimes they're just coincidence. Either way, though, this is the best council: You best be on your knees!

This is what it's all about. These are the facts: You are a sinner who deserves an eternity in hell. If you turn and trust God, you get Heaven, otherwise you get what you deserve.

This is an effort to expose a telephone scam. DO NOT CALL the included number. That is very important! DO NOT CALL the number, but spread it around so that people will block the number and expose it as a fraud.

If residents of a neighborhood can be evicted for not following the neighborhood's rules, why hasn't California been evicted for not obeying Federal immigration law?

Humor is a gift from God. Don't you think we should get back to USING it?

When you cling to, or insistently spout, lies who is your father?

Life brings trials, but God brings you through.

Not everything that people think of as righteous is actually so; not everything that people think of as silly is actually so.

Homelessness is just as disastrous to the individual as a hurricane is to a city. It brings destruction, destroying homes and lives, and, like the works of a hurricane is hidden under a shroud of cloud, so the life stricken by homelessness is hidden by those with hateful hearts.

Sometimes you need to ask God what is going on.

God DOES answer prayer, and sometimes, in miraculous ways.

Wisdom is found, now, not in pursuing personal desires, but in pursuing the will of God.

Don't be deceived or discouraged by the meandering ways of the world, but keep up prayer.

Beware that you do not ignore the blessings of God, for if you do, those blessings could become curses.

Evidence is presented in support of PRAYING, not in support of prayer journaling, and, most decidedly, not in support of taking the people's right to keep and bear arms away.

Prayer is conversation with God. If you would not write down what you say to the person standing next to you, why would you do it to God? Journaling is NOT NECESSARY, and for some people it absolutely DOES NOT WORK.

Keep praying. Just because a government organization spouts predictions that don't fit your prayers does not mean that the government is right. Keep praying.


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