How to teach the young of the errors of their ways?

If they won't listen to me, maybe, just maybe, they'll listen to someone who's already been through it.

God does not always do things the way we would prefer, but in the end, His way is ALWAYS best.

Finally! A President with a backbone!

Stop accusing others; confess YOUR OWN sins.

The machinations of the left are being called out, again.

The machinations of the left are being called out.

Those who act all-knowing, never displaying repentance, rarely are.

John Adams called July 2, Independence Day.

The people of the United States want to be done with this COVID-19 stuff, but the desk-bound, drunk-on-power, bureaucratic geeks keep moving the goalposts.

Panic if you must, left wing extremists! The Treasure Tome has arrived!

Truth gets exposed about masks, "peaceful" protesters, and the source of racism in our time.

If you would have your cause be righteously achieved, you cannot get there by sinning against others.

In a day when the foremost sources are constantly suspect, it is best to do your own digging, and to seek out sources that are not swaying with the gales of the moment.

Foul things have been getting said about the Composer of our National Anthem. Who was he, really, though?

The Biblical exhortation to not disrespect our leader is a COMMAND, not a suggestion.

Mordecai the Jew exhorted Esther that God might have put her there "for such a time as this."

Just a quick study for those who cannot conceive why the name Nero is no where in Scripture in spite of what he put Christians through—while the writers of Scripture were still alive and writing.

In a study in contrasts we see who is the problem and who is not.

Jesus Christ is your mighty fortress. Trust Him and follow Him.

During this difficult time it is essential to remember what is important.

Confronting lies on two fronts.

'Cause this house sho gohn crazy!

No matter what you do to stop it, eventually your true colors show through.

When you present "evidence" but burden it with your agenda you are bearing false witness (Exudus 20:16, Deuteronomy 5:20).


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