Fantastic Beasts 2 final Trailer drops A young Albus #Dumbledore guides the “magizoologist” Newt Scamander through his quest to defeat the evil wizard Gellert #Grindelwald in the new trailer for #FantasticBeasts2 The Crimes of Grindelwald. The film opens November 16th

Instagram Co Founders to Step Down From Facebook. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger had clashed with Facebook executives over Instagram’s autonomy.

Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz Passes Away Age 78. In Memory of Gary Kurtz, Star Wars producer, dies at 78. Gary Kurtz, producer of the first two instalments in the Star Wars series, has died in north London aged 78. In a statement, his family said he died of cancer
and would be "hugely missed

full article By Tom Horton, Press Association

New Magnum Pi Show cast Review. fake Ferrari. There's a red Ferrari! It's a 458 Spider, it gets shot to pieces and then smashed by a truck. Of course, the keen, sleuthful eye of our Jeremy Korzeniewski notes that it isn't really a Ferrari and instead is likely a GM F body underneath (look for the round instrument cluster in the brief interior shot and the weirdly shaped HVAC vents at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions). So, the Ferrari's a fake too. The new Higgins is a lady played by Perdita Weeks. Orville 'Rick' Wright

Detroit Lions won so here's a beer on my head. Considering Detroit Lions have not won in a long time against the Patriots in celebration I dumped a beer on my head at the end of the video

Lions 23 live scores Vs Patriots 10 2018 NFL. Lions Could Beat Patriots Oh My God.

Tiger Woods ends five year drought with his 80th PGA Tour victory. Woods took home his 80th PGA Tour title at the 2018 Tour Championship — it's his first win in 1,876 days. "I just can't believe I pulled this off," an emotional Woods told reporters shortly after his win. #tigerwoods #Golf #PGA

Ready Player One 2 release date. Olivia Cooke is contracted for Ready Player One sequels. Cast, book, release date 2020 according to digitalspy.

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Godzilla vs Kong (2020) king of Monsters

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Fortnite Man Arrested losing too 11 year old in Battle Royal .
HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (WCBS 880) -- A Long Island man has been arrested after police said he threatened to shoot an 11-year-old boy after losing to him in the video game "Fortnite.'' #Fortnite #arrested
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Suffolk County Police Chief of Department Stuart Cameron said 45-year-old Michael Aliperti sent threatening text messages and online voice messages via Xbox to the boy on Monday night

Unboxing Best New Android S3 GEN GamePad Controller. This game Pad is made by Blade. Hands down this gamepad is great. works off of bluetooth not wireless. The features are limitless. Use with PC's, Laptops, iphones, iPads as well. #controller #mobile #gaming

This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link:

Joaquin Phoenix's first look as the Joker. Earlier today, Phillips debuted the first photo of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who gets driven to a life as the Joker. This official headshot, which you can check out below, was followed by a series of set photos of Phoenix in character

Jokers first photos

How Virtual Reality Gaming Started

What happened to the PlayStation VR this video explained what games are coming out how many councils are actually been sold and the future of the PlayStation VR concept

Shirtless man Headbanging while waving the US flag in Hurricane Florence #FlorenceHurricane2018 #viral #americanflag
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Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Jeff Bridges recreated bed in protest. During April 1969, John and Yoko sent acorns to the heads of state in various countries around the world in hopes that they would plant them as a symbol of peace #bedinprotest #vevo #thebeatles

H3H3 Strikes Out with H3 Ball Rider Game. Fans Upset and now will start unsubscribing to h3h3productions. It is clear that h3h3 is done making content on that youtube channel fans say.

Super Retina HD display
6.5‑inch (diagonal) all‑screen OLED Multi‑Touch display
HDR display
2688‑by-1242‑pixel resolution at 458 ppi
1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (typical)
Why would Anyone buy New Iphone XS Max for $1449 The iPhone XS Max display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 6.46 inches diagonally (actual viewable area is less).
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Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy solo record

Comparison is the thief of joy. Biz hacks working on the house and enjoying the fruits of my labor it showed you guys the skill sets that I have and running property is one. Home repair home construction and paint

Hurricane Florence, already a monster, is due to strengthen as 1 million people are told to flee the US East Coast. Bizhacks News. This Storm is no Joke pack those bags and get to safety. #Hurricane #Florence #weather

Nintendo Says Cheaters Are Why Switch Games Can't backup Cloud saves. #nintendo #bizhacks #review tech usa

Live streaming battle Royal go here now to watch

The future of ps4 or sony is not looking good with gaming. This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link:


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