This is on the DVD release and blu ray I expect of the film.Hope to put it here soon so here is a taster for it.Like a lot of these things get more interesting as they go along.And interview the actors,I am not that interested in Fleming's books etc.

This is the fondly remembered other BBC sci fi series other than Doctor Who.It ran 4 seasons between 1978 to 1981.The opening episode covers Roj Blake's trial and false expulsion from Earth.Pretty adult this first episode and it does grab the attention.

There are so many acts on here that would get blocked by bloody Youtube.It would hardly be worth trying to upload there.Blondie having their first UK hit here with Denis,but they had much better stuff to come later in the year.Hope you enjoy it.

Fiona Fullerton's character has to decide whether to stay in nursing or make a break now.Before she is in it too long,nice to see the always great Geoffrey Palmer as her Dad and some London filming at tourist attractions.

A British Nuclear Submarine goes missing as does a Russian's.That is the basic plot of Roger Moore's best Bond film of the 7 he did.The series seems to stop looking to the past success with Sean Connery and look to future success with Roger from here.

This is the conclusion of this classic tale.The end of the story leads into the next direct as the Doctor and companions land on a deserted Earth to fix the transmitter.Actually the next few tales all lead into one another like that.Well its not that deserted an Earth of course.Not much of a tale if it was.

This is the conclusion to previous episode.Joe Beck remains pretty unhelpful for a lot of the episode and just seems wanting to get out of the force after so many years.Even if its under a cloud and bad feeling.

Will go with 1978 editions next I think.The chart still had some festive hits in the charts in this edition but there are enough new songs to make it a good edition.

The Wirrn really go on the offensive now.Pity so much of the monster costume is bubble wrap obviously but the conviction of the cast more than compensates.

Like episode 1 this is mainly Julie Dawn Cole's character episode.And Clare Clifford gets a look in back at the Hospital setting also.

The inhabitants of the ship slowly awaken in this episode.They are very hostile to the strangers,especially Noah.He will have his own problems though soon enough.

Joe Beck is off to London for a well needed break.He gets involved in an altercation though and has to bring the suspect in.Joe is on his own with him for a time and soon after the suspect dies.Died Joe use excessive force?.This decent tale is told over 2 parts.The only time the series did a 2 part tale really.

This was only Tom Baker's 2nd broadcast story but its a classic.And a real departure from the cosy era Jon Pertwee's era became in its later seasons.The TARDIS arrives on a Spaceship and find things have gone wrong there is the basic script here.

This is the last banned edition of 1980.And sadly its the big festive one.Just 2 presenters Peter Powell and Jimmy Savile look back at that year's big hits.Quite a small scale episode compared to other festive ones later in the decade.

This episode needed a subplot as the main one is pretty dull.A young couple have Social Services after them for been unfit parents.The couple aren't even likeable so for me this is the worst episode of Series 5.Worth seeing still though with the regular cast.

Getting near the end of 1980 editions now.No one knew then of course one of the greats of music would be murdered in New York in a matter of weeks.John Lennon of course I mean,just when he was coming back into releasing music.

Fiona Fullerton's character takes centre stage this time.She is dating a Junior Doctor and he takes her home to meet his family.They have a bit of culture shock there as his family are more working class than hers.Decent drama as usual for the series.

This was a hospital drama than ran from 1975 to 1983.The first 4 series ran 50 minutes once a week and the remaining ran twice a week at 2 25 minute episodes.Both have their advantages but the 50 minute episodes are the better overall.

This is one of the nest episodes of this run.Danny Sparks suddenly finds himself in with a new crowd and girlfriend.Like most things it seems too good to be true.Soon Danny gets suspicious of their activities and are they using him in some way.

This is a decent thriller I hadn't seen till recently.John Travolta stars as a sound recordist,one night he is out recording sounds and seea a car plung into the lake.He rescues the woman but listening to his recordings is convinced the car crash was no accident.Tense drama where its hard to know who can be trusted.Travolta was still prety young then which is a big plus.

This is the last part of this fantasy tale.Very good story but the ending is a bit abrupt and you wonder could it have been a more satisfying end to a fine tale.The very short length makes it seem more so.

Although this story is 5 parts,the episodes are short,about 20 minutes.So the length is about the same as a 4 part tale really of 25 minutes an episode each.It was comissioned as a 4 part tale but had an episode added when previous tale had an episode reduced as it wasn't felt dramatic enough for 6 episodes.Bit confusing that.

As the title of this episode is Halloween its quite different than a usual edition.A vulnerable young woman takes a lift from a local man several times till he gets sinister.And tells her she will die that Halloween.I enjoyed this episode but some may not as its so unusual.Guest stars Tony Anholt as the odd business man.

Frazer Hines comes back to the recording late in this episode.Peter Ling the writer contributed a lot to Crossroads in the 70's for ITV.

Decent edition from late 1980.They were still doing music news but the guest hosts who often knew nothing about music had been dropped by this stage.


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