Another non banned edition nowadays with Kid Jensen hosting.He is maybe the best presenter of 79 anyway.Very informative of the acts without been smug about it.He was always a likeable presence all the time hosting this really.

All that month's editions are very good.So doing all July 79,not just episodes banned now due to Presenter.This one hosted by likeable Mike Read,he hadn't started wearing his trademark glasses yet.He had only started hosting TOTPs previous Autumn.He was already very good though by this stage.

This is a big improvement on previous episodes.Someone who knew Tarrant in the past gets Servelan's trust.When he says give him control of a ship and he will deliver the crew to her.The creature is a bit unfortunate here but isn't onscreen long.Nice bit of location work helps so overall a good one in my view.

Patrick Hernandez was very unlucky with repeats of the 79 editions.Every performance he did was banned now due to Presenter issues oh dear.Sadly the last 10 years this has happened to some songs in editions not deemed suitable for transmission now.They fall into oblivion unless you have access to them.

Another misfire though the script is pretty good.Just the budget couldn't stretch to make the visuals match the ideas.The Liberator ends up in a sort of nowhere here and a myth from Cally's past comes to live.Very weird in places but worth seeing if you haven't before.James Follett is a serious SF writer who must have been let down if he saw this episode go out.As he never wrote for the series again,well nothing comissioned to make certainly.

Back to hosting duties for Dave Lee Travis with this edition.Tubeway Army at Number 1,still a song that sounds great.And it was a forward sounding track then.Most of the rest of the music is good also apart from Dame Edna Everage rubbish.

The first dud of Series 3 but it's not terrible.As the title suggests the crew transport down to a Planet with volcanic activity.Tarrant is totally playing Blake's part in this one.Written for Gareth Thomas which will happen when actors leave parts.Michael Gough guest stars which helps but its just not that interesting in my view.

This episode is even better than the previous.Partly as it doesn't have to introduce so many new ideas.The best plot strand is on the Liberator with Avon and Dayna skulking around corridors.By the end of the episode everyone who is regulars this series have been established.Great seeing Michael Sheard as one of the Death Squad.Forever known as Mr Bronson from Grange Hill.

Into that Summer with this long edition.Sunday Girl by Blondie was one of their singles that didn't have an official video.They have a few like that,so that had to use a performance of it on a Foreign TV Channel.

Decided to continue with the series.The titles are more generic now as Gareth Thomas elected not to continue as a regular character after Series 2.Brave to continue maybe without title character but series more than popular enough by then to carry on.The crew have to bail out of the Liberator in this one as its damaged in the Space Battle.They land on various Planets and we are introduced to Dayna and at the end Tarrant.Enjoyable episode despite the turmoil it must have been made in.Avon becomes the leader now really which can't be bad.

Now then now then Jimmy Savile's first hosting job that year.In case anyone wondered why he does none first few months of year he's "busy" working on new Jim'll Fix It series back then.Short edition,maybe some sports event was on that night also?.

This episode brought Series 1 to an end prematurely.As the last episode meant to be shown was banned at the last minute,Klansmen.This edition is probably the worst of the initial run.Starts off quite well but the ending is ridiculous and Annie the title character is very unlikeable.So its hard to care what happens to her.She also treats Cowley pretty badly in the end.Even a bad Professionals it worth seeing though.

Not as good as Dave Lee Travis's last here,but still pretty good.The time wasn't right for a Dusty Springfield comeback then.This comeback song wasn't a hit.She had to wait another 8 years before Pet Shop Boys got her back on track with hits.

The last edition of this fast paced story.This edition exists like first part as it went out then.So if you think image and colour sharper again here,you are right.Despite been a promising new monster the Axons didn't appear again strangely later on.

This is much more like it.A very satisfying and dramatic end to Series 2.The Liberator finally finds Star One with the intention of destroying it but there are problems on the Planet anyway.Last edition to feature Sally Knyvette,Brian Croucher and Gareth Thomas.As a regular character for Blake anyway week in week out.

This is a great edition,one of the best that year.Almost every song featured is at least good.And some are very good.Some editions it just seems to come together I think.And this is one of them.Hope you enjoy yourselves.

This is maybe the most trippy episode of this tale.Especially the scenes on the Axon ship,no other Pertwee tale quite has the other worldly atmosphere this has at times.The writers were new to the show which maybe explains it.

Where to start?.Worst episode of Series 2 and one of the worst of whole run.Start of episode on the ship is fine and last 2 minutes of episode leads onto next.The rest is pantomine stuff with The Captain from Doctor Who Pirate Planet episode.Shouting acting again,worth seeing if not seen in past.

This episode was recorded 2nd in production order,but was left till late in First Series to broadcast oddly.A group of Delegates are meeting at a country residence.Cowley is concerned about the American Delegate,though it's Cowley himself who is in danger.Great episode with no let up in action.Some awful dubbing for Roger Lloyd Pack as a Foreign Killer is only laughable aspect of it.

Average enough edition this.Some great songs all the same like Real Thing with Can You Feel The Force.The Members with Sound Of The Suburbs and Blondie with Heart Of Glass at Number 1.

Part 2 and 3 were wiped in their original format by the BBC in the 70's.A colour American copy existed though,so a new version of the middle parts was created.This is a clearer picture quality than the VHS release of the 90's was.

This story is very typical early Jon Pertwee,and that isn't a bad thing.Set on Earth,UNIT is involved and Jo Grant is the companion.A race of creatures called Axons land on Earth.Promising great riches for mankind.The Doctor is suspicious though.

Widely considered one of the best episodes.I like it but it's too jokey in places for me.As it's a Robert Holmes script its full of double acts,as his Doctor Who scripts often were.The plot is basically about the team been in the gambling mecca of the World.Some have different plans than others.Vila just wants to win lots of money.

The conclusion of this very good tale.Jonathan Morris like Martin Clunes both went onto big comedies later on.Clunes in Men Behaving Badly and Morris in Bread.Fair to say Clunes is the better known actor now.

Blake is acting oddly,even for him.He changes the location of The Liberator and generally acts brainwashed.It all builds to an exciting climax.Especially if you haven't seen this episode before.Decent entry of Series 2.


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