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Installment 13 of Gonzo radio. An eclectic mix of underground music. Recorded live and unplanned. This one has a homage to GonzoRadio 001 & 002 (AKA the lost tapes) Tracklist below. Please support the artists.

Side A
In Particular - Blonde Redhead
Mr White - Khruangbin
Salaam - Kamaal Williams
The Fly - David Axelrod
Winter Rose - The Bees
Algiers - Austin Peralta
The Bookhouse Boys - Angelo Badalamenti

Side B
Dorji Gyap - Tashi Dorji & Marisa Anderson
Bakaroni - Moussa Diallo
Jungle - Tash Sultana
Snowball - Devo
Hearts On Fire - Clor
Here again - Factory Floor
Electron - Boddika
We Are You In The Future - Martyn
Techno Dread - 2562
Dodgem - Al Tourettes

Factory Floor's take on Dave Clarke's 2017 release on The Desecration of Desire label.
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Part 2 of installment 12 of GonzoRadio. Underground music radio.
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Eternal Tapestry - Wild Strawberries
Kikagaku Moyo - Never Know
The Doors - The End

The first track from their album 'Paranoid'.
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Part one of installment twelve of GonzoRadio.
Something for your summer trips through inner and outer space.
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Kalya Scintilla - Enter The Temple
Heyoka - Airy Dub
Ott - 16mm Summers Day
Bird Of Prey - Atrium
Grouch In Dub - Dublisious (ft Dub Princess)
Eskmo - I Dream I'm Flying
Culprate - In The End
Tipper - Peripherals
Boards of Canada - Diving Station

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Watch this space for part 2...

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Thriftworks - Chronular Device
Kursa - Machinate
Freddy Todd - Junglemelts
Emperor & Mefjus - Akkordian
Tipper - Ton Of Brix (VIP)
Skope - Hollow
Aphex Twin - CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)
Shyun - Unfold
Cruk - Lit
Alix Perez - Tempest
Insect - Waterbombs
Cirrus - Smoke
Ivy Lab x Two Fingers - Orange
Kursa - Dat Style
Sabre - Kashmir For Christmas
Karriem Riggins - J Dilla The Greatest
Ichiro - Takigawa
Submerse - Let's never come back here again
Deft - Drawn
Enei - Jungle Business
InsideInfo - Spychase
Hybris - Rubber Ducky
Billain - Manifold
M-Zine & Scepticz - Titles Are Hard
Mtwn - Spinal Groove
QZB - Nobunaga
Indigo - Time

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Taken from their album 'Foundation Bit' on Werk Discs (WERKCD004)
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Taken from their album 'The Tipping Point'
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Taken from the 'Into the Wild' movie soundtrack.

From the album 'Asa' (Asha)
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From their album 'On The Verge'.
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From the album 'Primitive'
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#altrock #altmetal #soulfly #MDBplaylist

Heavy duty halftime stalker!
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#drumandbass #halftime #halftimednb #fre4knc

#dub #badbrains #punk #MDBplaylist

#dub #chantdownbabylon #kingtubby #babylonaudio #mashdownbabylonplaylist

Taken from their album 'The Myth Of The Golden Ratio'
Part of the 'Mash Down Babylon' playlist from Babylon Audio.
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A Babylon Audio Selections Special. The spectacular live show toured by electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin for his 2011 album ISAM.
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Taken from their 2019 release 'Yoja' on Inspected.
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From his e.p. "Others"
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Taken from one of the best electronic albums ever made...
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Released August 26, 2013 on Diffrent.
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Music radio for people with an eclectic taste for the underground.
Multi Genre. Recorded live and unplanned.
Now in mixtape format.
Tracklist below.

Side A:
Day Dreaming - Radiohead
Ribbons - Four Tet
Erstwhile Rhythm - Peverelist
Taps - Mount Kimbie
Hidden Place - Björk
Hojo80th - Ichiro_
Shapeshifter - Val
U Know - Arktkt
Sea of Tranquility - Lone
Florn - Culprate
Penny's Confession - Ras G

Side B:
Primul Fragment - Hubert Daviz
Esperanza - Karriem Riggins
Taken By The Night - L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae
Square Up - Moses Boyd
Begin End Begin - Take
Constants - Emperor
Uviol - Autechre
African Woods - Plaid
Remote Operator - Boris Divider
Fat Controller - Squarepusher
Again - Wun Two

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Good music for weird times.

Home of GonzoRadio. Music radio for people with an eclectic taste for the underground.
Recorded live and unplanned.
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Tracklists and links included.
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