Blindman Sleepwalking


Shitlary Clinton go jump off a cliff and take Your virtue signaling with You.

This project went along quickly.

Useful training film if You ever are assaulted by a platoon of T-34 tanks.

Patrick Little is running His grass roots effort to unseat the entrenched incumbent. He takes a boat ride by San Francisco for Kate Steinle.

Clark - Lewis and the gang star in this wacky adaptation of a cosmic road trip.

Film giving a brief overview of the Lewis and Clark expedition 1804-1806.

No Shame in the Soros game. He proudly proclaims His deeds and tells the world, get ready for more!

Initiating political violence against Trump voters a crime Soros is guilty of, has yet to be addressed.

This crummy guy can make money off of anything, I am jealous!

Who is George Soros? Listen to His own words and read between the lines. This lousy bum thinks society is a game of Risk that He can socially engineer.

Patrick Little gives a candid no holds barred interview, like He always does.

Folks get up and bang the drum for Patrick Little.

Nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.

Before hearing this chilling tale You might want to get a box of kleenex.

A brief investigation.

This psychopath wants to censor the entire internet.

Take 3 mafia religions concentrate them in one area, what do You have? Madness. Jerusalem is a very spiritually crowded place, it should be bulldozed and a garden planted.

Patrick Little is a 2018 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. Senate from California. However, on May 5th 2018, he was denied entering the California Republican Party Convention due to his common sense approach to politics.After being kicked out of the convention, a video emerged showing Little spitting and standing on a flag of Isreal whilst criticizing the country and calling the california GOP "zionist stooges." Despite being removed and banned from the California Republican Party convention, he is a favorite to win. MAGA!

These old fools need to get a life!

May 4 , 1970, Kent, Ohio.

Candid film describing events leading up to overthrowing a government.

Deep State casualty John Kennedy.

Your tax dollars being wasted by criminal mafia clowns.

1950 The Year Man discovered He is a real lousy bum!

1984 = A country under the spell of Zionism.


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