THis really did not get the justice that it needed, but.. I'm in the middle of releasing a new album and other projects.

As Always, COlin, Love you work. THank for letting me play around with it.

Check out Colin at

Posted on the forum. Course, Allie must be a great person, but how can you resist?

Yea Yea Allie and CrtTV Well, I don't think I ever watched the show, but Thanks for the great source material enjoy !

Bo[]obs are round.

The ends.


Always have a BODY CAM. A Big thanks to MgTower and so many others and of course DDJ TFM, and SO MANY OTHERS .

We are showing men each day what they face. And even with the MOUNTAIN of evidence we have now to file our case, we are still gathering more.

Thank you to all Anons out there as well. We could not have done this without you.

Remember. DO NOT COMMENT. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. BITCHUTE when all else fails.

Also, a Big thanks to John at the Society for Men's Freedom. And of course our favorite LawSuit Larrys at the NCFM

Nothing like the famous backlight Keyboard to give your Laptop that NEW feeling again. My old keyboard was Hitting the old Man Lady basket. It was TIME to UPGRADE.

the thing is Gabby I was a person who advertised do you know basically their platform and they said it was about Free Speech but I guess it's not and again I kind of am not really on either side of this but I kind of wanted to go ahead and shut some light on it and updated video will be uploaded soon

now I've been using this stuff literally never but I've been around it forever so again a big thanks to Mark and car audio fabrication for letting me know about this stuff and also I think David de Mero at Amplified, I think he's also featured it in one of his videos but again a big thanks to Mark A Car Audio fabrication for letting everyone know how great this is.

And you should be able to play it within the hour or less and it's already been pushed your machine. I love you son enjoy the game.

My rant. You get it. Go watch something else.

Well, Jeepman is right. I really do see a bunch of Racoons. And yea I work at night. Nocturnal is sort of correct. But this is the ALMOST completed install. Hid all the wires and even the controller in the Plastic molding.

Day VIDEO coming soon. Going out right now to test it out. NEED TACO's!

Tire side sensor You have to keep your TRANNY CLEAN!

Weak stressed part of hose blew. Fixed Macgyver style. Tested, and works great after cutting weak part of hose and reattached.


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