A big thanks to ron ramsey and judge McKnight

Tommy, we will be here in the STATES welcoming you with OPEN ARMS. If nothing else, WE WILL GET YOU OUT OF THAT HELL


FOr mORE go to

MGTOW. We don't handle Bitchy . No kidding. Or bossy well.

See how these people are reacting? THIS WOULD GET PEOPLE thrown in JAIL in the E.U. You asians Better listen, if you allow them in? Your whole society will crumble.
First your Politicians will Pander to being scared of them. DO NOT ALLOW THEM IN. You will regret it.

Yea its kind of sad

So many times, people things on girls. That's not the way to do stuff. You got to work with what is cool.

You too CAN do this on your own!

Maybe this video will help you with your issue. Maybe you mind plays tricks on you. Maybe I just think to much. Its up to you to decide.

Maybe its just me.

The orginal video is 6 Gigabytes. I compressed this down to a 127 MB file for 30 minutes. When I have more bandwidth. I will upload the original file to the web. Its audio content is at a high enough bitrate to get the message across. ACC 90 Bitrate. Sounds good for speech.

I think this video may be able to help some of you that do not seem to fit in reality. Like all good things, this information may not be used for good. But after all, it can be used both ways. If you can use this to help cement your life good. Afterall, I hope that some of you can see the folly of thought. Or maybe its just ramblings. I hope that this video brings some research or at least some sense to your life. I believe I am suffering from some kind of disorder.


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