And you should be able to play it within the hour or less and it's already been pushed your machine. I love you son enjoy the game.

My rant. You get it. Go watch something else.

Well, Jeepman is right. I really do see a bunch of Racoons. And yea I work at night. Nocturnal is sort of correct. But this is the ALMOST completed install. Hid all the wires and even the controller in the Plastic molding.

Day VIDEO coming soon. Going out right now to test it out. NEED TACO's!

Tire side sensor You have to keep your TRANNY CLEAN!

Weak stressed part of hose blew. Fixed Macgyver style. Tested, and works great after cutting weak part of hose and reattached.


Have you ALways wanted a Sway bar on your AWD Chrysler, but then you found out you did not have the mounts. AND you did not have the proper spacing to get it to work? WELL LADS! I DID IT!

Yes Custom BRackets that I made from Home Depot Parts, and a grinder and some metal bending tools AL LA My engine stand.

A full build video will be coming up one day.

Watch aiu resurrection

And the things your sister shares with you. Well. Wonderful!

Somewhere, we need the lyrics here.

Come Join us on We are family of men. You can be you here. Enjoy this by one of my favorite men on the forum. A UK bloke none the less.

I got to admit, this one just really hit it out of the park for me.
A big thanks to Colin for sharing this.

The Alpha and Omega, so eager to proclaim and lay claim to have always been, to be heard but not seen, the obscene mutter, “don’t be absurd there never was the word, only the unclean!”

Pride cometh the fall, turned the tide, sin for all

A spiritual war, wipe the slate through belief, turn over a new leaf, sin no more. Narrow is the door, judgment day, kneel on the floor. “There are many mansions in my Father’s house”, take a tour

“Just so you know, there is no gardens beneath which rivers flow, nor beautiful maidens on show”

This corrupt meatsuit shed by the grace of the Godhead, the one whose blood was bled

At the place of skulls, woe to the fools who reject, they will be subject….to paying for they’re transgressions, neither the man in the box through confessions, or the scientific professions can redeem, this dimension just a dream. BELIEVE!

Even turns down my stereo!


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The only place on earth that will exist after the YouGoob Fall.

Be apart of the Pioneers