The rage is clearly rising against corrupt politicians. This has to be one of the angriest rants.

Originally published in May 2021

Rockefeller Foundation planned long ago this scam. 2010 Operation Lockstep -

Kate Shemirani delivers a stern warning to those engaged in genocide.
Text and video edit by Allan Ewart (Bluecat)

This video contains footage of the Summer Olympics opening ceremony which took place on the evening of Friday 27th July, 2012 in the Olympic Stadium, London.

As we can clearly see, the symbolism is extraordinarily prescient to today given the events surrounding the Covid Plandemic of the last 15 months.

The focus here is on the NHS, dancing nurses and children in hospital beds fearful of the spectre of a giant evil demonic witch-like figure and other demonic creatures including the child catcher.

Note also, the design of the Olympic Stadium itself which has pyramid structures all around the perimeter on the roof.

This is no coincidence.

You can draw your own conclusions from this, but in my view this was blatant predictive programming presented in a satanic death cult ceremony to show us what they had planned for the future. And now, they are indeed coming after our children to inject them with the deadly kill shot.

As Kate Shemirani and other qualified medical professionals have openly warned, this dangerous roll-out of the so-called "vaccine" must be stopped.

I've used the London Olympics opening ceremony footage here under fair use for educational purposes only.

A woman who heads up a global HR recruitment firm in the oil & gas industry reveals a disturbing development in succession planning for the future recruitment of oil & gas workers. She maintains that HR managers are being told to strike off those who've had the jab as they will all need to be replaced within the next 3 years.

Two concerned fathers present crime evidence to officers at Bexleyheath Police station in East London.

Astrid Stuckelberger, MSc, PhD, PD explains links between The World Bank, WHO, GAVI, CEPI, IFFIM (nternational Finance Facility for Immunisation) and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

From the Planet Lockdown Interview.

Thierry Henri Philippe Baudet is a Dutch politician, academic and author. He is the founder and leader of Forum for Democracy, and has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2017. He also serves as the party's parliamentary leader.

As is evident in this video clip, he is a controversial politician due to his alternative political views that questions the mainstream narrative.

The following text is from the The Mirror Project promo:

"This is a non profit project, the aim is to have all anti-propaganda information in one place connected to one map, helping people understand the big picture.

The map is based on that created by The World Economic Forum, our platform will be populated by the general public as well as experts in the field, with a self regulating model.
It's time we stick to facts, and have a scientific and methodical approach in creating real change in the world.

For more information please visit our site on and become part of the movement."

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video was recorded on the 22nd of May, 2021.

In this video you will witness a live phone call to Christos Renieris, a 69 year old covid patient who is in Alexandra hospital in Athens. Doctors told Mr Christos;s daughter Katerina, that in case "the illneess aggravates" he will be intubated.

For more live videos of Nikos Antoniadis talking with patients, please visit my channel
Thank you all for sharing my videos and spreading the word around the globe.

notes on translation: 1. "sprayed"*: Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos MItsotakis has characterised everyone who is sceptical on covid scam, as "sprayed". "Sprayed" by chemtrails while believing in "conspiracy theories"? who knows? The point is that he should respect the people who pay him through their taxes to serve this country, and stop offending us using stupid expressions.

About Nikos Antoniadis:
During the "pandemic", Greek lawyer Nikos Antoniadis has devoted himself to helping patients that are being held in hospitals, collecting evidence that proves the biggest scam in the history of Greek nation.
He has also helped several covid victims' families prove that the cause of death of their beloved ones was not covid, despite what was stated in the official documents.
By 21st of May 2021, he has managed to have 14 postmortems operated and 100% of his examined cases have shown no covid, and has helped dozens of families, proving that there is "a protocol of death" which is being followed by hospitals leading patients to scheduled intubations and consequently death.


For Greek speakers:
You can find Nikos Antoniadis on mewe
and soon on his personal channel
He also publishes his cases via his wife's facebook profile, as his own profile has been banned by facebook:

my brighteon channel
my rumble channel
my you tube channel

Narrated in English by Heather Lynn Bruno ( [email protected] )

Dear friends, in this video I will tell you about an incredible historical event. Thanks to microbiologist Stefan Lanka, we now have the final, official refutal of virology.

Stefan Lanka conducted control experiments that refuted the methods that virologists use to prove the existence of viruses.

I will explain to you everything and give you the necessary context and so that you can realize the full significance of Stefan Lanka’s control experiments.

I ask you to share this video everywhere you can. This is the only way we can help other people to get access to this information.

Video author:
Ekaterina Sugak, naturopath and researcher.

Links to mentioned articles⬇️

1. Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles - 1945.
2. Measles Virus: A Summary of Experiments Concerned with Isolation, Properties, and Behavior - 1947.
3. The Role of Extracellular Vesicles as Allies of HIV, HCV and SARS Viruses

What ADV has been screaming from the rooftops since 2017 is now truly gaining momentum! SHARE THIS WIDELY! THEIR SCAMMY GIG IS OVER!

Vera Sharav, Founder & President of The Alliance for Human Research Protection in conversation with Leah Wilson, Esq. Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom.

In this interview Vera discusses the fundamental importance of informed consent and the dangers of failing to adhere to The Hipocratic Oath of ethics within the medical profession.

Vera describes her experiences as a child when she and her parents were taken from their home in Romania, of being imprisoned in a concentration camp in Ukraine, and the devastating trauma of separation.

Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Larry Pavelski discuss what measures they are taking to protect themselves from the bioweapon shots and whatever those who took the injections are transmitting to those who have not.

At the County Commissioners Board Meeting on 6th October 2020, Josie Mack says that Palm Beach County is doing a massive disservice to the people of the county by not talking about "effective treatments for Covid" including zinc, vitamin D, quercetin, quinine (a derivative of hydroxychloroquine), oregano oil, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

We are of course outraged by the gross censorship of information currently being indulged in by youtube and others and we believe this is a gross violation of basic fundamental human rights tantamount to book burning.

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Amazing Polly:
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In an emotional statement, Dr Bodo Schiffmann reports that a third child has just died in Germany due to masks

Anyone who remains silent now is an accomplice to the deaths of children.



Thank you to Counterpropaganda for the English subtitles.

The IPA with You
Gideon Rozner - Director of Policy, Institute of Public Affairs discusses a draconian bill proposed under the Dan Andrews premiership in Australia.

If you happen to get detained remember this:
Under The Health & Wellbeing Act
Section 200(5)
An authorised officer must facilitate any reasonable request for communication made by a person subject to detention.

Carley Louise Stewart, a Care Home Nurse from Preston was fired from Ribble View Care Home in Fishwick after she attended the Proetst Rally at Trafalgar Square in London on 29th August 2020 while wearing her uniform.

In the video Carley said she "couldn't live with herself and continue working when her elderly patients were being denied their basic human rights to family life." She said "they were being denied visits of their family members and given no facts or information on why they were being isolated."

Krystal Tini delivers a blistering rant on the current state of affairs surrounding the maskists and their refusal to open their eyes to see the truth behind the lies.

This was posted on her Instagram on 29th September 2020 at:

Dr. Carrie Madej Reference links:
Luciferase gene-loaded CS-Qdots as self-illuminating probes for specific hepatoma imaging–/content/articlelanding/2015/ra/c5ra01508a#!divAbstract

Why “Operation Warp Speed” Could Be Deadly

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

Spiro Video Re Alan Dershowitz Interview on Mandatory Vaccines FB Post

Bill Gates predicts 700,000 victims from corona vaccination

Moderna’s Mysterious Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery System

Gene Drive Files Expose Leading Role of US Military in Gene Drive Development

‘Gene drive’ research to fight diseases can proceed cautiously, U.N. group decides

After his arrest in Melbourne on 27th August, Sol Millin explains to an officer during his interview about his scientific knowledge borne from his research that Covid-19 is a “scam”. He describes in detail about the plan for the New World Order and the corruption he believes is rampant in the Australian hierarchy and that Australians are no longer living in a democracy, but are now living under fascism in a Corporatocracy.

Details of the charge:
The accused at Greater Melbourne between the 16th of August 2020 and the 27th of August 2020 did incite another person/persons to pursue a course of conduct that involved the commission of an offence by promoting a planned protest with the intention to incite person/persons to contravene namely s 203 (1) of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 by encouraging them to not wear masks and also to leave their residence without a specified reason as provided by the stay at home directions restricted areas.

This video was uploaded to Sol’s youtube channel. on 30th August 2020.

Document posted on on August 28, 2020

Video credit: Age of Truth

13 May 2020
27 August 2020
The Association des Officiers De Réserve (Association of Army Reserve Officers) spent 50 days investigating issues related to the 2020 “pandemic”.

The report has been prohibited from disclosure for the time being.

However, in view of the urgency and seriousness of the situation, we have chosen nevertheless to communicate it to civil society.

You have in your hands the “for the general public” version, with the
Investigation Group’s names and the Unit’s symbols redacted.

In accordance with your instructions and in forwarding to you this report, the Investigation Group has the honour to convey to you its findings on the characteristics of the COVID-19 epidemic, as we were able to observe them.

In order to propose a prevention protocol and to provide information on therapeutic approaches, it is necessary to establish the parameters of the pathogenic agent, which has revealed serious inconsistencies in the official version.

These inconsistencies have led to the identification of obvious corruption and an agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions.

Head of the Investigation Group,
[Name and signature withheld]


Compilation of video clips from various sources of the covid plandemic protests that took place simultaneously in Berlin and London on the 29th August 2020. The footage allows viewers to get some idea of the scale of the numbers in attendance.

Footage includes a short clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. (nephew of JFK) on the stage addressing the crowds at the Victory Column in Berlin, and also David Icke at the closing end of his speech at Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square in London.

Many thanks to all the contributors of the video clips and a special thanks to Naomi @naomimeeks1

Please note we tried our very best to credit most clips with a name, if any of these credits are attributed incorrectly, please let us know by sending us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to add a correction here in the description.

Fair Use attribution.

Dr. Roberto Petrella
Doctor Specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Born on 05.05.1947 in Pratola Peligna (L'Aquila), he graduated in Medicine and Surgery on 09.04.1976 at the University of Milan.
Specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology on 14.11.1980 at the University of Ferrara.
Registered with the Order of Doctors of the Province of Teramo.


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