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This is a really interesting unit from Protec.
A power conditioner, a power sequencer and something more...

This vintage studio gear is built like a tank, on the most simplest but most effective way.

Why I need a Inrush current limiter?
Why I need a power sequencer?
Why I need a power conditioner?

They used only top notch German parts, from:
Siemens, Bosch, EE, Bachmann, Jung and Eltako

End scene: Túró Rudi :)

Project Done!

Final feature list:
- Can hold up average 7 KG weight camera rig easily (1m .. 10Kg, 2m 5 Kg)
- tested with 110 KG Hungarian meat on the rotary mount
- 360 degree rotation,
- swing distance 1 m - 2 m
- 85 degree swing from vertical to horizontal

Maybe a bit overdeveloped?

Link to the boom arm:
Calumet Wandarm Galgen MF 6230

There is other arms on the market, but this is My choice.
Hardened steel plate, German quality, massive pipes, and they have a nice crew in their shop!

All the rest is from the garbage and from BAUHAUS :)


Tripod on the ceiling? Hmmm ok, but....

Nah this is the ultimate solution :)

Planing, welding...

Replaced parts:

The transistor in the buck converter circuit: BC 327 or equivalent

If You have to replace the high-Z input , just a simple TL072
or go with some high-end Analog Devices opamp!

Awesome sport exhaust system from MIVV!
When Your PTI is expiring, You must to check Your exhaust system also. After 14 Year, of course better to replace it.

Here in Germany, the inspectors are not so flexible with the measurements :) And this is Good from them!
Last time they said: Next time, this bike will not pass ....
The original muffler cost 700 Euro!!!
Meanwhile the complete MIVV GP Carbon cost only 370 Euro!

MIVV give You all documentation, to complete the periodic technical inspection. EU card, papers, warranty for their exhaust systems..

Some links:

Now the funny part :)


In this episode I cleaned the fuel tank.
But, there is a dirty little secret in the fuel cap!
Nobody is talking about :)

Fun with German gasoline....
This is a Suzuki Bandit GSF 650 S from 2005
My first big bike.

Since she is here in Germany, well.... I have a lot of issues with the fuel line.

In this episode, You can see the damage, what to replace, and how to do a basic repair on the carburetors.


Dear Copyright Mafia!!! All Music is My own! I did it, I recorded it, I produced it!

BMR Studio - You F*****g M(oo)g!
BMR Studio - I´m Your Slave?

Other snits, cuts, clips:
ARAL advertisement.... (product criticism - fair Use)
Monty Python And The Holy Grail ( ultra short clip - for the intent of parody - fair use)

Time to visit your local Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser dealer :)

In this LONG video, we will talk about headphones.
Which headphone is the best for home recording studio, for the money?
Closed headphones?
Semi open headphones?
Fully open headphones?

Watch the video for the answer!

In this video, I will share with you, My personal choices, based on 25 Year of experience.

Mastering only with headphone? Eh.... Forgot it!
So what about monitor speakers together with a professional, high end headphone? Nah this is a different story!

Sennheiser HD 25 Plus

Beyerdynamic DT 100, 150, 250

Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO

And the POTATO "somethingPOD", AIRPOO

link is not provided, due copyright issues :))))

The short car footage's are from here under fair use:
Awesome videos! Check them out!

The Roland MC-909 groovebox is not only a drum machine...

Is also a Roland XV synth engine!

In this series, you will travel deeply into this synthesizer heaven!

in this:

Tone generators, pitch envelopes, tune, and waveform delay

This is just a montage about the cabling works, and greetings for the new Year!

Happy New Year guys! Thank You for everything!

The video was recorded 2018.12.32 11:30 ! Really!
But until today, I was too busy for cut and upload! Meh :)

Links for the Waves products:

SoundStudio STG 24-12:

DigiGrid IOC:

Waves Server One:

Waves Mercury bundle:

Dell P24T18HT monitors:

General information about the Waves Soundgrid System:

This small SDI 4k audio converter is the best solution, to insert multiple audio streams into Your video stream.

Link to the product web page:

Time to show You guys, what was in the boxes, what Santa Claus just dropped into My studio!

I almost finished with the cabling, the rack cabinet and the software installations.
The Waves LV1 is the perfect digital mixer for studio usage?
Looks to me, yes.

In this episode, I will show you, the main components of this amazing system.
If You are located in Europe, the best place to get Waves products is the Meershop!

Links for the Waves products:

SoundStudio STG 24-12:

DigiGrid IOC:

Waves Server One:

Waves Mercury bundle:

Dell P24T18HT monitors:

General information about the Waves Soundgrid System:

the receipt for the "Májas hurka" :)

hohohohoho :)

But what is in the boxes? you will see in the next video!

Credits for the music, and others...

Music: Damian Kubiak - Jingle Bells Metal Version

the machine:


In this LONG BORING VIDEO we will walk trough the choices around middle class digital mixers.

The stupidity of pro audio industry?

Insomnia dilemmatitis :)

Network audio protocols? AVB, AES50, Dante, Aviom, cobranet, Ethersound, Livewire, GigaACE, mLan, Q-lan, Ravenna, REAC, Soundgrid...

Digital mixers?
Roland, Allen & Heath, Midas, Presonus, Motu, Soundcraft...

Fun with the Roland MC-909 groove-box

In this episode, we will go trough the General tab, to find some interesting toys..


Official apologize for this 2 month inactivity on my channel. Or something like this...

bad news: my best friend in the studio died!

good news: watch the video :)

Tascam DM 4800, DM 3200 SRAM error

link to ABOM79 Youtube channel:


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