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Kate advises (upon wide research) to learn to recognise the TERMS that ARTICULATE the 'GLOBAL AGENDA'.


This may be via the 'W.E.F STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE' (See: link below).

Kate, also, made the point of articulating some of these 'terms'.
• 'Smart Cities'. S.M.A.R.T = Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology
• 'Digital I.D'
• 'Metaverse'
• 'Digital' infrastructure, such as 'lighting' & 'surveillance' (they the same thing!)
• 'Data collection/storage'
• 'Digital currency'
• 'E.S.G Scores'
• 'Carbon credits'
• 'Food/agricultural transformations'
• 'Synthetic biology'

Other TERMS that ARTICULATE the 'GLOBAL AGENDA', include:
• 'Transformations'
• 'Sustainable'
• 'Disruption'
• 'Inclusive/Inclusion'
• 'Climate change'
• 'Equitable'
• 'One Health'

LINKS TO 'W.E.F STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE',global%20issues.%20Strategic%20Intelligence%20can%20help%20you%20to%3A
it goes on and on and on...
research collected here on the agenda:
Telegram @DonaldsNightshift


UK Woman, Isabel Vaughan Spruce, arrested for SILENTLY PRAYING outside an abortion clinic.

How the UK (humanity) has Fallen 🤦🏻‍♂️

Wise words:
“That's how much of a threat our prayers are to the satanic baby killers.

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16”

Dr Bay- update on case and APHRA and Qld health regs 23.12.22
An Australian doctor says he’s not allowed to give exemptions and will lose his job if he does.
His patient who is suffering depression and will lose his job without the exemption asks about his duty of care to his patient.
The doctor states “I have a duty of care to myself to stay safe.” @mykaphobic

Here We Go! Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO Just Simulated Another Pandemic

Almost 3 years to the day, the same people behind Event 201 just completed a desktop simulation for a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil. The virus has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children.

COURT AUDIO 16 11 22
Freedom Front Canberra

954 views Premiered on 7 Dec 2022 #exposethe28
On the 22nd April 2022 I was outside the Governor Generals house peacefully protesting. I was assaulted twice by a Police Officer and the third assault I stopped his hand from punching me and then was kidnapped by police. It was a premeditated attack on me unlawfully.
The attached is the Audio from the latest Court appearance on the 16 November 2022.
I will be in court again on the 14 December 2022.
I really appreciate everyone's support in this fight against a criminal Magistrate who clearly breaks the Law several times and perverts Justice.

Bio – We are the resilient relentless and steadfast. We are unvetted, unaffiliated and un-funded volunteers. It is our duty to ensure the sanctity of children and that our children inherit Freedom.

We meet 10 am daily. National Rock Garden Barrenjoey road Canberra and have been proclaiming #exposethe28 to the Governor General residing in the Peoples House, since the 7th Feb 202. This is an escalation of the same demand proclaimed to the Governor in Brisbane since Oct 2021.
We proclaim to the Governor General David Hurley to expose the 28 Names of the Paedophiles on the police report that have been suppressed as identified by the Wood Royal Commission 1995 - 1997.
The names are of high profile people including 1 Prime Minister and they keep each others secrets. We demand he take responsibility for the 68 Children that go missing daily in the appalling trade of human trafficking and paedophilia.
We proclaim – Address the Police over-reach against Peaceful Protesters as is our legal right
We Proclaim – Notify to the Nation, the fraudulent election and unlawful oaths of elected officials into office.

We hold and support several Fronts.
• The peoples house proclaiming to the Governor General.
• Digital Front. A platform for evidence, to provide intel to and a platform for all the Diligent who are the Digital Diggers upon the Webbernets
• ACT Magistrates court. Stand in support and solidarity of our own Freedom Fighters charged due to the Police overreach.
• Parliament Lawn on the imaginary line / Freedom Embassy.
• Popup Protests as required. _Example AHPRA, ABC, Russian Embassy, Chinese Embassy, City Centre, National Press Club.)

I acknowledge and appreciate the intelligence and constructive criticism shared by our Digital Diggerz on the Chat Feeds Daily. We have some Brilliant Alive Warriors in this fight.

More info at source.

Jurisdiction jurisdiction jurisdiction!

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution is valid in Australia. It cannot be changed without a referendum. The courts operate under Maritime Admiralty jurisdiction under the rules of the UCC.

Rod is on the money with this video, highlighting the corruption with the corporate courts. The law hasn't changed over the last 200 years. There is due process, we need to work out how stand out ground and hold them accountable.

We are working on strategies to raise the jurisdiction in court to Land and Air. Let me know if you are interested in learning more.

Sharing [in]formation to transcend [de]ception.

🇦🇺 Australian Prof. Ian Rutherford Plimer.Geologist

He eloquently explains how the whole 'man-made' climate change theory is an absolute farce and under the prism of geology is ridiculous.

"I think we've had a huge corruption in science. I think the money floating around climate research is quite perverse."

"They're indoctrinating kids in schools."

"The climate industry has been a huge attack on the scientific method and on history."

This is a fantastic clip and a great barometer for where normies are right now mentally.

The “QAnon” narrative the MSM has tried to paint our movement as has devastatingly backfired.

Is the ICLEI running your council????


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