Yet another black man is stocking up on free stuff because blacks don't have to pay anymore. Owner and worker have had enough and..... OUCH !!!

Fauci tells Fox business news he didn't shut down anything. The internet of the past days different.

Tucker Carlson exposes how the criminal Biden administration is flying illegal aliens to different parts of the country in the middle of the night and letting them loose. It's a violation if the law. Impeach the cunt Biden !!!

A substitute teacher doesn't meow back at a student who identifies as a cat. Teacher is fired. ūüė≥

Justin Trudeau's brown shirt try to scare a restaurant owner but she'll have none of that and tells them off good.

Man in the hospital says the triple jabbed are dying of covid and strokes.

A woman asks info on the covid vaccine dangers and risks from it from a Pharmacist. He admits he knows no info and shouldn't be administering the jab to people.

A nurse tells about how the covid vaccines injures and kills people and how it's not being reported or is being covered up.

French rioters upset about mandatory vaccines and having to show vaccine papers everywhere kick some ass !!!

The Covid vaccine destroys your immune system and makes you a slave to more booster shots to live.

Socialism is so great people need to eat straight from garbage trucks to survive,

Trumpformer kicks border jumper asses !!

You can't help but feel sorry for a guy with dementia being used by these evil communists.

It seems dementia Joe needs meds before facing people.

Take a ride in Nancy Pelosi's district in California.

Australian police come with a search warrant and arrest a pregnant woman in front of her small children because of a Facebook post the government didn't like.

Idiot Dumbocratic politicians are freaking out as more and more people are switching to Republican because of the riots.

After being ordered to stand down during the Republican celebration the police are now finally allowed to do their job.

This is the best ad I've seen to give Trump 4 more years in the White House!!!!

BLM go into a residential neighborhood and get run off by a guy with a gun lol

A BLM terrorist gets shot in the head and the world rejoices. Listen as they cry call the police. Bwahahahaha !!!

BLM Antifa and Chinese communist propaganda is what they're teaching the kids in East LA schools !! Incredible !!!

Patriots and traitors face each other

It appears the right has had enough and are starting to organize and fight back.

A young lady made a song making fun of millennials and generation Z people called .... Fuck your feelings lol


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