We are always asking if this or that is a sin. Well, why trust someone else's opinion?

There is a whole world of reasons out there that distract people from following Jesus, but there are 10 that seem to stick out.

There is commands for us what in what Jesus taught, but there is also a lot of spirit in there too........We have to obey to even begin to see the spirit.

Does Francis really practice what he preaches?

The list is almost endless with the Evangelicals of the US and it goes all the way up the ladder to Trump.

Do fear and love go together? Why do a loving God want us to fear him?

He is preaching the truth in this sermon. Let's pray he acts on the truth himself.

You will just have to watch and see. The opposite for we think we want could be what we need.

If someone makes a mistake, then they should just admit it and move on. But, most the so called "prophets" form America think the longer they hold the lie the better the chances of it are becoming true! WRONG!

I think the title speaks for itself.

Torben teaches some things that people love to hear, but is it the truth?

Is Calvinism just another way to ignore Jesus?

Did Jesus give this guy a special pass, or are people not paying attention or not wanting to see the truth?

Who is the woman that is spoken of in the Revelation?

Were these two followers of Jesus or not?

Are you prepared to go into the time of the greatest suffering the world has ever known?

Do people know who Jesus is? It doesn't seem like they do, or they would get more serious about following him.

Why is there even an argument over what to call Jesus?

A lot of Pastors think that God's need them, but God can make Pastor's out of stones if he want. We need God!

Is there an easy way to get the information in the bible to stand out so we can understand it?

Jesus had many things to say and it seems that most of the world wants to change every word he spoke.

We should be following Jesus like he is standing beside us, because, he is!

One of the teachings of Jesus is to NOT work for money (Matthew 6:24). So, if a Christian is not suppose to work for money, are they suppose to pay taxes?

People are more worried about the economy than they are other humans. It's a sad world that we live in!

If you don't already see the difference in what the churches teach and what we teach, then maybe this short video will help.


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