The devil is good at his job and he wants us to feel condemn...but we do have a way out.

We sometimes say the good points of Communism, but what are the bad points?

People want to say Christians and disciples are different, but are they?

What does the word assemble actually mean? Is just a meeting or is it living together!

Even Paul says that remarriage is wrong! So, why do people use Paul to refute Jesus on other subjects...BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT A DOCTRINE OF CONVENIENCE!

If we are trying do everything we do out of love, everything we do is pure...

This guy really hits the nail on the head when it comes to what people will say to try and get others to NOT follow Jesus

A Christian if a follower of Jesus...What did Jesus say about our enemies.

People who just naturally do what what the bible teaches then they are living bibles by the way they act.

This verse in the bible has never been translated as pharmacy...have you been lied to?

They we know we are Christian because of our love for one another.

If we disobey Jesus are we rejecting him as our foundation?

It's not a calling up, but a calling out of the system.....

It's not that hard to hear from God if we are listening...

Did Moses use his own opinion in what he was teaching people? Did he think people couldn't handle the truth?

If we disobey Christ, can we really be following him?

The world thinks divorce is just part of life these days...but, that's not the way God sees it.

What does happen to the people the end up taking the Mark of the Beast?

It seems like the entire world has an excuse to NOT follow the teachings of Jesus. Do you have one?

If we are not doing good works, then do we really have faith?

The Rapture is a big topic...but, what is the truth about it?

Jesus' teachings ARE the corner of the Cornerstone!

Should our churches feed us?

What else does Jesus say about judging others.

If you say that the love of money is NOT the root of all evil, it's probably because you love money....

I am not trying to be mean...just trying to get people to be honest with themselves.


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