Originally uploaded to YouTube on June 29, 2020.

Call 1. 00:00 - 00:44 Lady that answers the phone at WTHQ
Call 2. 00:45 - 03:45 "You can write to us." "I reserve my pass." This guy is the ultimate passive aggressive! (I think this was the guy at HQ)
Call 3. 03:47 - 05:42 "I appreciate your phonecall" Doesn't want to hear about anything negative concerning the Watchtower org.
Call 4. 05:43 - 11:25 Old publications say the early church fathers were controlled by satan, yet in later publications the church fathers were "of interest." This guy is so squirmy trying to come up with a good excuse and make it sound legit.
Call 5. 11:26 - 18:18 Lady seems interested in finding out about WT joining the UN as an NGO. "I would like to refer you to our elders"

Originally uploaded to YouTube June 11, 2020.

Call 1. 00:00 - 09:43 Matthew 8:11, Jocelyn doesn't believe Watchtower says Jesus is not the mediator for all Christians.
Call 2. 09:45 - 19:14 Lady checks out WT 1956/4/1 (p.196) where WT accuses Catholics of listening to MEN (the Pope) under totalitarian rule, but denies that JW's obey any men even though the GB claims JW's can't understand the Bible without them. (Nov.15, 1979 p.27)

Originally uploaded to YouTube April 15, 2020.

[Thomas] Romans 8:14, Are you led by the Spirit? Are you one of the sons of God?
Thomas refuses to provide any evidence that the Watchtower is necessary for salvation.

Originally uploaded to YouTube in April of 2020.

First Call 00:05 - 07:45 [Sarah] - Is Revelation 1:17 about Jesus or Jehovah?
2nd Call 07:46 - 11:31 Romans 5:1,9 Are you justified by faith and declared righteous? Husband & Wife quickly become very paranoid that Bridget might be an apostate.
3rd Call 11:32 - 00:00 JW's at the cart say they "aren't trying to convert anyone, they just encourage Bible reading", but GB on the videos say they ARE trying to convert people; and it IS their goal to make new baptized JW's.

Originally uploaded to YouTube on May 23, 2020.

Originally uploaded to YouTube on June 1, 2020.

Call 1. 00:00 - 08:24 "I have a minute but I don't have ten."
Call 2. 08:24 - 16:55 "Have you reviewed the record?" They Shall Know That a Prophet Was Among Them (April 1st, 1972)

Originally uploaded to YouTube June 1, 2020.

Originally uploaded to YouTube June 11, 2020

I've increased the volume of this one as the original was rather low.

Originally uploaded to YouTube June 20, 2020.

uploaded to YouTube on June 20, 2020.

Call 1 - 00:00 - 04:11 - This guy sounds quite paranoid.
Call 2 - 04:12 - 08:54 - "Hey, I got a phone witnesser calling ME!" (Eph.3:21, Matt.16:18)
Call 3 - 08:56 - 13:05 - This person whitewashes the idea of joining the organization.
Call 4 - 13:12 - 19:41 - Eph.2:12-13, Have you been brought near by the blood of Christ?

uploaded to YouTube June 20, 2020

The second call was a bit faint so I've adjusted the audio.

Rutherford's "electrifying" talk and book. -- Jesus chose them while teaching this false prophecy?

Aug 7, 2010 Warnings in the publications concerning "imperfect men."

Former member of Governing Body.
In this talk, Fred Franz tells about the early years of the Jehovah's Witnesses.
The whole talk can be found here:


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