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In celebration of our one year anniversary here on BitChute, here is a look over the content we've produced over the past 12 months.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our channel. Here's to another (and hopefully better) year!

Well, it's finally here. Only a little over a month later, sorry about that. Wish it come out a bit better but seeing that us vs pigeons is taking a back set for a while but more on that later.

Leave a comment down below on what you think of the Us vs Pigeons shorts so far.

special thanks to;
A Stoner and a Grizzly Bear for Voice acting
Russian Hitler for the FX and character models
and a really special thanks to the Bosses Mistress for the house model.

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Alright, mates? Here's the preview. For the prequel. To the teaser. And this is only the first prequel. That's right, we're doing a trilogy of prequels to a five minute TEASER. And THIS is only a fucking preview. It's also a year late to due to our gods celebrating this absurd tradition. I mean, the Earth did a full rotation on its axis, big whoop. The average person doesn't even think about that kind of shit.

Anyway, I've waffled on enough. Here you go.

Uhhhhhh… suuuuup? … … … … … … … … … … … what am I meant to say again?

“Mate put the zoot down and read the fucking script!” - Marchael Gee Phox

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on, what the hell is this?! A new video this quick after the last one? Was this pile of shit produced over a bad weekend? We've got no words for this one, so... just watch.

"I dunno what that fucking thing is, but... I... like?" - Mojo Stonerfeld

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Wait… it’s been nearly two months? Have they fuckin’ forgot about us?! I mean, just look ‘ow much hair I’ve fuckin’ grown! That’s right, children, this one’s all about me. Don’t believe the bullshit the fox tries to feed ya. I’m not a monster, I’m just like your favourite uncle.

“Where’s my promo? I’ve changed my gender 36 times in the past two months!” - Tytalius Johnson

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Howdy fellas! It's been a while, hasn't it?

For those of you who have seen our shit before, bask in the presence of my new sexy coat. For those of you hearing about us for the first time...prepare yourselves...(for cringe). This upcoming show (if you can even call it that) will make you question if reality even is. "Even is what?" I hear you ask. Just is.

If you have the low number of brain cells required to enjoy something like this, be sure to like, comment and subscribe.

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Aight, geezers? It’s ya boy Bubbly back again with another long-awaited update. Sorry about the wait, we’ve been having a Harvey Weinstein situation going on. So as you’d expect, we’re not receiving funding from our producers to buy equipment (prob’ly ‘coz we keep spending it on weed).

I hope this video down below makes up for it in some shitty, insignificant. It is a video of me, after all.

“I’ve done my part, I’m going home now.” - Al Bubbles

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Well boyz! It's been a week so you know what that means... Time to upload something. What? You thought it would be the the first episode? Nah mate, that's a month away mate.

Genre: Comedy, Off colour humour, Surreal humour, Psychedelia

The Team:

A guy who says weird things and weirds you out and Russian Hitler

Special thanks to Faggotron for the music.

"What the fuck is this?" - Marchael Phox

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Here it is, boyz! The moment none of you have been waiting for. Well, what the f**k do we say about this? It's taken us a year to do this, and it's bloody atrocious. Don't let the name fool you, it's weirder than it sounds.

Genre: Comedy, Off colour humour, Surreal humour, Psychedelia

The Team:

A guy who says weird things and weirds you out
A grizzly bear
Russian Hitler
A stoner
A weeb

Special thanks to a ladyman for the music.

This is the first thing that we have produced and released, so please be gentle with our boipussies in the comments.

"Gentle? What does that mean?" - Al Bubblez

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Britannica Industry is a umbrella company mainly covering the media industry. This channel is dedicated to our self produced and published animation work from our 404 and 101 studios.

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