That moment when you see what your parents do when you're not around.

I gave Dad and Mom some cameras. Here's some of what happened.

$20.00 may not break the bank... just don't break this camcorder if you get one.

Didn't Cracker Jack prizes used to be more substantive?

Recording artist Brad Paisley shared some important words with me recently.

Additionally, some REALLY "creative" illustrations accompany this video.

Have you ever wanted to eat your favorite plush pals?

Yes... These are real...

Before the Game of Thrones finale, Dad made some predictions...

When there aren't any problems to fix, some people just create them.

If the final season of Game of Thrones has been disappointing to you, just wait until you watch this "EPIC PRANK."

Sometimes the asylum is in a person's head.

Walter Jones, a.k.a. Zack, the original Black Power Ranger, offers some advice on life, Brought to You by Bragg.

In a post Avengers Endgame world, The Marvel Cinematic Universe must continue to underline the stakes the heroes face.

This video may contain spoilers.

Is that you Felicity Jones?

Just think of it as "Star Wars" meets "Pet Sematary."

This video may contain spoilers.

Dad just watched the first 3 episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8, and he's been inspired by one of his favorite characters.

This video may contain spoilers.

Dad rallies The Avengers, JUST like Black Panther.


Really, just tell everyone, regardless of where they work.

Be very, very, kind of sort of... AFRAID.

The story of Dragon Ball, as only Mom can describe it...


Maybe a word and a half...

"And behold, there was a red mark upon the trees of the forest... tell Satan's brother not to touch his stuff..."

Taking a trip to "Satan's Forest."

There's "Pikachu," and then there's "Detective Pikachu..."

Some first impressions of "Yo-kai" watch.

How do you say, "Jibanyan?"

The Channel Everyone's Talking About:

"We Need More Cowbell" (EPIC):


For this video, I thought I'd give a shout out to a channel run by a Veteran who made it his goal to return to a mountain he tried to climb years ago, and to lose pound after pound along the way.

Keith Holt:

"We Need More Cowbell" (EPIC):

My Possessed "My Buddy" Doll & Chucky:


In a world with not enough cowbell...

One man has the answer...

My Possessed "My Buddy" Doll & Chucky:

''Prison Reform'' - What Would You Scooby Dooby Do?:


Grab your blankets and turn on all of the lights for this minimally scary story...

''Prison Reform'' - What Would You Scooby Dooby Do?:

How Long Has This Been Going On?:

Oregon Trail-Era Software Used to Book Modern Flights?:



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