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Scene from "As Good as it Gets" with Jack Nicholson.

Retarded game is still retarded 14 years later, but at least the memes are funny.

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The King speaks the truth

Moar gotán.

Green jacket is best jacket.

Symphony No. 6 In A minor : I. Allegro energico, ma non troppo, Heftig aber markig · New York Philharmonic, Dimitri Mitropoulos

Time to take Iserlohn back.

Fake and gay, I know, but it's still funny.

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He's a nice man.
But he's cruel.
You know. He uses his Walther.
Yeah. The machine cries.
Bang Bang.
Yeah, he's Lupin the third.
Nice man!
Yeah he smiles.
And he gets angry!
But he's a groovy guy.

Música: Osvaldo Tarantino

Entre 1969 y 1970, Don Osvaldo Pugliese graba 4 temas con una orquesta sin bandoneones, solo cuerdas y su piano. " Ciudad triste " , " Sensorial ", " El recodo " y " Shusheta ". Los arreglos pertenecen al Maestro Mauricio Marcelli quién además de ser el primer violín de la orquesta, fue arreglador entre los años 1968 y 1974.

00:00 - Allegro vivace
06:52 - Largo appassionato
13:11 - Scherzo: Allegretto
16:12 - Rondo: Grazioso

Richard Goode, 1993

Bernard Herrmann war gut.

This is no Robotech boy, no Robotech!

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blahblah patreon shilling

Astor Piazzolla - Live at Regina Theatre - 04 - Primavera Porteña

Astor Piazzolla (bandoneon)
Antonio Agri (violin)
Osvaldo Manzi (piano)
Cacho Tirao (electric guitar)
Kicho Diaz (contrabass)
Antonio Agri (viola)

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Jan Zach (Johann Zach) - Concerto in B flat major for Oboe and Orchestra, Jiří Krejčí (oboe), Prague Chamber Orchestra, František Vajnar (conductor)

Jan Zach, called in German Johann Zach (13 November 1699 – 24 May 1773) was a Czech composer, violinist and organist. Although he was a gifted and versatile composer capable of writing both in Baroque and Classical idioms, his complex and eccentric personality led to numerous conflicts and lack of steady employment .
On 24 April 1745 he was appointed Kapellmeister of the Electoral orchestra at the court of Johann Friedrich Karl von Ostein, Prince-Elector of Mainz but he was suspended from his position in 1750 and finally dismissed in 1756. From that point on it appears that Zach never again had steady employment.

He traveled through Europe and supported himself financially by performing and selling copies of his works, teaching, dedicating his compositions, and so on. He visited numerous courts and monasteries in Germany and Austria, stayed in Italy in 1767 and between 1771 and 1772, and may have worked as choirmaster at the Pairis Abbey in Alsace.

Only a few of Zach's pieces were published during his lifetime. Toward the end of his life, Zach gave numerous compositions to the monks at the Cistercian monastery at Stams. These manuscripts comprise the largest repository of Zach's works in the world.

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Check out when Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King) choose to advertise there new mini burgers.

From back when The Simpsons were more than just pop culture references and silly humor. Lisa was more likable too.

Good old Aeon Flux

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What can change the nature of a man?

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