Heading back after a quick jaunt. Where I teleported back after escaping The Planet of the Apes.Beautiful scenery and I found my way into the natural order. Still have to use common sense among nature. It is Monsoon season and peak rattle snake season. Plus I have seen mountain lion tracks about 100 yards from my door. This is a start, documenting it. I'll learn in the process. Also learn some tech. I also need to broadcast, or at least narrate while using the GoPro! I thought I couldn't because the hard case covering it (blocking the sound), but I'll try talking next time. I am under a volcano that's about 8,400 feet up. I'm at 3,500 feet approximately. No shortage of wildlife, just didn't see much today. Normally it;s pretty active but I headed out at 5 AM. Normally see a lot more later around 6 AM or later. Never know what I'll see. I'll try to capture the beautiful sunsets to put it more into perspective.

You never know what you will run into but was hoping to find some wildlife and maybe rattlesnakes, the key is to have your camera with you, preferably rolling! But it beats Seattle traffic jams any day of the week. More to come!


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