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November flew by! I tried a lot of really nice items this month and I definitely have some favorites. If you'd like to see what I loved this month and Recommend then please keep on watching.

I am in the mood for a gorgeous deep spicy Fall look. I also want to shop my stash. So lets get out some new to me makeup and some well loved products. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Colourpop had a big clearance sale a week or two ago. I did pick up some things I'm super excited about. If you'd like to see what I got and some swatches, then please keep on watching.

Sorry about the title earlier. Ive been riding that struggle bus. But I have a vlog for yall today. Hope you enjoy.

Bodycology Fireside S'more Body duo is a cozy and sweet treat. The aroma of marshmallow, sandalwood and a hint of milk chocolate will take you to a warm memory of a fireside s'more.

Aunt Jackie's lather-rich formula contains a blend of natural conditioners and moisturizers, including olive oil and shea butter, to help soften hair, reduce shrinkage, control frizz, eliminate knotting, and restore a healthy moisture balance. Curls, waves, kinky twists, braid-outs, heat-styled straight looks, or any type or texture of natural hair will benefit from this deep moisture therapy. It is also an excellent cleansing remedy for chemically - treated (relaxed or colored) hair that is over-processed and severely damaged. Removes all kinds of build-up, while replenishing hair with essential oils and nutrients. Won't fade color-treated hair.

I want to try the Cold Girl makeup look out, but of course I have to make it extra. The Cold Girl makeup actually came out last year, but is making a major resurgence this year. The Cold Girl makeup look calls for major blush and a silvery highlighter. Im shopping my stash for this look too. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Welcome to today's vlog. We aren't going anywhere as we are both a little sick, plus we are trying not to spend any money. I do have some fun things to do. So if you'd like to hang out with me, then please keep on watching.


I'm loving what I'm seeing at Dollar Tree, holiday wise. If you'd like to come along and see what cute holiday stuff Dollar Tree has and a little haul, then please keep on watching.

I purchased 3 wigs off of Temu. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, that's why I went for Temu. Well, I've been wearing them for a few weeks and I do have some thoughts. Thanks for watching and subscribing.




I've always been curious about Albolene. Well I found their Cleansing Balm on sale. Its a Hydrating Makeup Remover and Face Wash with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. Lets try it out and see if its the perfect cleansing balm. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Unicoeye is a colored contact lens company. They have so many beautiful colors to choose from. They are FDA approved and super affordable. Please keep on watching to see the 3 different colors I chose. coupon code and link below. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

The 25%off code is: Babe25

#unicoeyefda #unicoeye #fda @unicoeye_offcial


Shaun and I decided to get groceries delivered this week, thought it could save us some money. But we are going to our Big Deal outlet later today. So please keep on watching to see what we got and how much we spent.

I don't know about yall, but I feel like I have a ton of those little perfume samples. I have some great ideas on how you can revamp and repurpose them. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

I found 2 scents of the Dr Bubbello's Bubble Bath. It's supposed to be the longest lasting bubbles. I'm going to test that claim. Lets see if the Dr Bubbello's Bubble Baths are a Dollar Tree Gold. Thanks for watching and subscribing.

We went to the store today. I actually followed a grocery list. If you'd like to see what we got for $65 then please keep on watching.

Hey everyone. Today's vlog might be a little boring as I stayed home. Plus Im feeling a little down, but if you'd still like to follow me throughout my day, then please keep on watching.


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