Anita Secord gives important information on what we can do within the system to stop tyranny. This video is from today's Stop The Steal MN rally in St. Paul,MN.

Former marine, Tim Nolan gives an inspiring speech at Minnesota's State capitol.

YouTube allows mainstream government media Covid 19 nonstop coverage. I don't understand how so many do not have a conscience and won't blow the whistle on this. It's eerie.

Please help this woman get an attorney for her son!!

Labor Day is a perfect day to come TOGETHER at the governor's mansion in Minnesota and demand he come out with his hands up and mask off.

Tim Waltz and his attorney general Keith Ellison have pitted Right against Left, Black against White and masked against unmasked. They have destroyed multitudes of small businesses and are trying to destroy the future of every man, woman and child by dictating horrific dehumanizing mandates on all.

The governor must be arrested for the most heinous crime and that is the violation of our Constitutional rights.

Where is our National Guard? They should be assisting we, the citizens, in arresting traitor Walz and Ellison for destroying our Constitution.

I hope every state's citizens rise up this Labor Day and arrest their traitorous officials and demand:

No more mask mandate
Open all businesses with no restrictions
Open all schools and churches with no restrictions
Arrest and replace all public officials with citizens who will uphold our Constitution.

August 8, 2020. Enjoying a beautiful summer night in Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Only a handful of traitors wearing tyranny masks on their faces.

August 1, 2020 at Minnesota state Capitol in St. Paul.

I attended this anti mask/muzzle protest yesterday. There was about a hundred people - way lower than it should have been. It felt wonderful to speak with human beings face to face without a tyrannical mask.

I plan on organizing my own rally due to some of the things I felt were not handled right at this one. First of all, taunting MSM didn't make us look good-just obnoxious. Secondly, there was no one there (as far as I know) that had any legal credentials such as a Constitutional lawyer. That would have been helpful to have lawyers available to give advice if someone is fired from a job for not wearing a mask, etc.

We must arrest Gov. Walz and attorney general Keith Ellison for violating the Constitution.

It's time. I've drawn my line in the sand. I won't wear a mask. This week I am calling all the businesses I visit regularly and tell them I'm no longer giving them my money. It's a start. That being said, what must happen is the arrest and imprisonment and or execution of all 50 state governors, attorney generals, city mayors, local and national government propaganda media for obliterating our precious Constitutional RIGHTS!


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