If more of the big creators and pull their subscribers over to bitchute.com it would grow like a beanstalk on steroids

This is been a production of crazy old man with a new plan enjoy please at the thumbs up button

Everybody oughta be cheering the lady with the handgun she ain't putting up with these zombies.

Got the battle van ready first time out into the world and weeks

The devil hasn't golf the whole Democratic party stay Strong

I've noticed in recent days that all the channels that were demonetised have ads popping up this could be a direct response to the unbelievable rise and bitchute popularity the big Tech Giants get scared people

As an American I believe in free speech I believe you have the right to free speech and if you prefer not to watch something don't watch it but for those who want to watch it I believe it should be there

Are you getting old when all your old favorite movie stars are dying off rest in peace my friend . And I wish they fix this so when you set a thumbnail for your movie it doesn't go upside down backwards sideways just saying

The terrible thing this day and age but I'm afraid things are going to get worse before they get better so pray my brothers and sister we get through this

Here in the desert you can buy anything from airplane to army vehicle and everything in between

Just wanted to show you guys where I live and the beauty of the desert night alien hunt coming soon I should say alien observeation

Sunday evening feel about faith and choices and other stuff

Even though they're making fun of them this lady is a politician that's been abducted by an alien

I was getting this discussion when I meet new people how can I believe in things I cannot see

I've decided to pack my bags from YouTube and come over here and check it out


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Burger alien an interesting Channel every time. I am from the truther generation, there's not many of us left we started years and years ago on a planet called YouTube it was a fair and balanced place you could identify with others about the truth. Then our little planet got destroyed we all left here and there hoping to find a new Society of like-minded people that's a big Empire of YouTube crushes them or in the case of zippcast a great Community was formed by an idiot and he just shut it off well only time will tell but I hope this website grows and all of us with it