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The CryptO Vlog "Behind the Blockchain." Host American Marie-Antoinette, CEO and Founder of C2Legacy, highlights Blockchain company founders to find out more about their Business, Brains, Beliefs and Beyond. The undisputed belief is that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be the next disrupter to forever change how we live in this 21st century.

Behind The Blockchain - CryptO Vlog translates a highly technical industry to a conversation and introduces the next CryptO (P)ioneers (R)evolutionizing and (A)ltering (H)umankind. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has outpaced what it was meant to do…be a disrupter to the system and a financial alternative. The technological advancements, creative ideas and digital money is REAL. Society steadily opening itself to these new creations and for some adaption has already become interwoven into everyday activities.

Behind The Blockchain – CryptO Vlog Show will be a fun way to learn about new technology and new technology trailblazers.