In this video, Dan provides the Dude Perspective on Jojo Moyes "The Giver of Stars".

In this video Dan explains what the TIPI is and why it is needed in order to get his TI 99/4A on the internet.

In this video Dan explores a brand new TI 99/4A Speech Synthesizer he picked up from ebay.

In this remastered edition of the original Part 6 - the hour-long quest to clear two waves of TI Invaders is condensed to 4 minutes.

In this video (Part 5 in a proposed 11 part series), Dan leverages the power of the world wide web to locate the right cable to connect his TI 99/4A to a monitor.

In this video (Part 4 in a proposed 11 part series), Dan attempts to connect the TI 99/4A to a modern monitor and hits a snag.

In this video, Dan powers up his long-stored Texas Instruments TI 99/4A home computer.

In this video Dan unpacks his old TI 99/4A which had been boxed-up since the early 80s.

In this video Dan explains his interest in the TI 99/4A.

In this video, Dan finds Scrum in the writings of Seneca and addresses the importance of the Sprint Goal and Sprint Retrospective.

In this video, Dan explains his experience trying to talk to the progressive/authoritarian left via Reddit's AskTrumpSupporters subreddit.

How would a blockchain-based voting system work? In this video, Dan discusses what a blockchain-based voting system work possibly work and what the likely problems would be.

In this video, Dan reacts to a Lex Fridman interview with Eric Weinstein.


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