In this video, Dan reads an excerpt from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"

In this video. Dan discusses the use case for the nascent technology of quantum computing.

In this re-mastered video, Dan explains replacement joysticks and how to connect them to your TI 99/4A. Intro music by my good friend Jon Arnold.
116 Games covered:
4A Flyer 9:23:00
A-Maze-ing 9:42:00
Adventure 10:20:00
Alpiner 10:56:00
Ambulance 11:47:00
Ant Colony 0.5 12:32:00
Anteater 13:10:00
Axel F skipped
Barrage skipped
Berlin skipped
Beyond Parsec skipped
Beyond Space skipped
Black Hole skipped
Blackjack & Poker 13:20:00
Blasto 15:44:00
Boxer 16:26
Break Thru!! 17:55:00
Buck Rogers 18:07:00
Burger Builder 18:38:00
Burger Time 19:02:00
Card Sharp 19:32:00
Carwars 20:50:00
Centipede 21:23:00
Chasse au Wumpus 21:49:00
Chicken Coop 22:54:00
Chisholm Trail 23:38:00
Computer War 0:04:00
Congo Bongo 0:36:00
Connect Four 1:29:00
Crossfire 2:03:00
D-Station I 2:20:00
D-Station II 3:00:00
Defender 3:27:00
Demon Attack 4:04:00
Dig Dug 4:39:00
Donkey Kong 5:11:00
Dragonflyer 5:46:00
Driving Demon 6:11:00
E.T. the Extraterrestrial 6:50:00
Escape (Stars fo Death) 7:40:00
Face Chase 8:24:00
Face Maker skipped
Fantasy 8:54:00
Fathom skipped
Fathom TI/Imagic 9:35:00
Football skipped
Frogger Parker Brothers 10:19:00
Hangman 10:47:00
Hen Pecked 11:18:00
Henhouse 11:40:00
Hopper 12:27:00
Hunt the Wumpus 12:59:00
Hustle 14:07:00
Jawbreaker 15:12:00
Jumpy 16:31:00
Jungle Hunt 17:09:00
Junkman Junior 18:48:00
King of Castle (Pillars of Gloom) 19:54:00
M*A*S*H 20:30:00
Mancala 21:58:00
Micro Pinball II 23:43:00
Microsurgeon Imagic 0:18:00
Midnite Mason 1:04:00
Mind Challenegers 1:43:00
Mind Challenegers-Memory Match 1:53:00
Mind Challenegers-Mind Grid 2:04:00
Moon Mine skipped
Moon Patrol skipped
Moonsweeper 2:07:00
Mouskattack 3:08:00
Mr. Chin 3:44:00
Ms. Pac-man 4:43:00
Munch-Man 5:14:00
Munchman II 5:52:00
Munchmobile 6:24:00
Nature's Way 7:18:00
Never-lander 8:31:00
Othello 9:36:00
Pac-Man 9:59:00
Parsec 10:24:00
Picnic 10:48:00
Pole Position 11:23:00
Popeye Parker Brothers 12:07:00
Princess & Frog 12:50:00
Protector 13:56:00
Q*Bert Parker Brothers 14:19:00
Rabbit Trail 14:48:00
Return to Pirate's Isle 15:20:00
Robotron 2084 17:20:00
Rotor Raiders 18:07:00
Schnoz-ola 19:03:00
Shamus 19:41:00
Shanghai 20:23:00
Simon Says! 9:38:14
Slymoids 9:38:42
Sneggit 9:39:20
Soccer 9:40:07
Sorgan II 9:40:54
Space Patrol Sunwar 9:41:38
Spies Demise 9:42:30
Snt. Nick Funware 9:43:34
Star Runner 9:44:40
Star Trek 9:45:07
Star Wars 9:45:31
Starship Pegasus 9:46:15
Strike Three! 9:46:58
Sudoku 9:47:41
Superstorm 9:47:54
Tennis 9:48:59
The Attack 9:49:54
TI Invaders skipped
TI-Toad 9:51:01
Tile Breaker (Breakthrough) 9:52:04
Tombstone City 9:52:48
Topper 9:53:23
Treasure Island 9:54:02
Tris 9:54:27
Tunnels of Doom skipped
Uboat 9:55:42
Video Chess 9:56:06
Video Games I 9:56:36
Video Games I (Pot-shot) 9:56:46
Video Games I (Pin-ball) 9:57:15
Video Games I (Doodle) 9:57:34
Video Vegas 9:57:55
War Zone II 9:58:13
Wingwar by Imagic 9:58:42
Wumpus Jagd 9:59:25
Yahtzee 9:59:40
Zero-zap 9:59:52

In this video Dan demonstrates his profound lack of understanding of computer repair. He attempts to find and fix a sound problem.

In this re-mastered video Dan demonstrates how to surf the world wide web from his TI 99/4A and challenges his viewers to go forth and be creative.

In this re-mastered video Dan explains what the 32K sidecar is and why it is needed in order to get his TI 99/4A on the internet. We also introduct the TI99 FinalGROM cartridge.

In this re-mastered video Dan demonstrates how to connect your TI 99/4A to the internet via your home WiFi. Once on the internet, Dan demonstrates how to Telnet to various utilities and games thereby instantly expanding the possibilities of this formerly confined-to-home computer.

In this video, Dan demonstrated some rudimentary multimeter use he used to test his TI 99/4A and whether he had a sound problem.

In this video, Dan finally gets the Speech Synthesizer talking and reveals what the problem was when his TI 99/4A suddenly went silent.

In this video Dan explains what the TIPI is and why it is needed in order to get his TI 99/4A on the internet.

In this video Dan explores a brand new TI 99/4A Speech Synthesizer he picked up from ebay.

In this remastered edition of the original Part 6 - the hour-long quest to clear two waves of TI Invaders is condensed to 4 minutes.

In this video (Part 5 in a proposed 11 part series), Dan leverages the power of the world wide web to locate the right cable to connect his TI 99/4A to a monitor.

In this video (Part 4 in a proposed 11 part series), Dan attempts to connect the TI 99/4A to a modern monitor and hits a snag.

In this video, Dan powers up his long-stored Texas Instruments TI 99/4A home computer.

In this video Dan unpacks his old TI 99/4A which had been boxed-up since the early 80s.

In this video Dan explains his interest in the TI 99/4A.

In this video, Dan finds Scrum in the writings of Seneca and addresses the importance of the Sprint Goal and Sprint Retrospective.


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