If you're a fan of the paranormal you'll love this podcast that tells the truth about what is really going on in our world and beyond. They're also are experts in conspiracy theories. These guys would never approve of me putting their audio on here but they don't realize they are saving mankind and this information has to get to the masses.

Check them out here. http://lycansubscribe.buzzsprout.com

From Episode 8 - Nick and Jareth dicuss the horrific reality that greta Thunberg was trained on Jefferey Epsteins island in an intense Mkultra program.

get more true information here.. http://lycansubscribe.buzzsprout.com

From Episode 7 - Nick and Jareth talk about the real reason the government doesn't want you vaping...they don't want you to resist the fascist tyranny!

You want the real truth here it is..... http://lycansubscribe.buzzsprout.com

From Episode 4 - Hailey Reese is a talented girl but Nick and Jareth worry that she puts herself and others in danger whilst dabbling in darkness as opposed to swimming in it. If she had the information from the PAF's(paranormal atheistic forums) of the mid-00s she'd understand.

Check out this link for more truth than your plebeian mind can handle.. http://lycansubscribe.buzzsprout.com


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