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Classic Games Revisited


I speedrun the 1985 ZX Spectrum conversion of Mikie by Konami.

My time is a new record of 2:30.

Played on emulator.

Full playthrough of 1988's arcade game, Haunted Castle. I show you how I survived Konami's beast and also share some of my tips.


00:26 - Stage 1: The Graveyard
03:40 - Stage 2: The Caverns
07:00 - Stage 3: The Banqueting Room
09:09 - Stage 4: The Basement
12:47 - Stage 5: The Clocktower
15:04 - Stage 6: Dracula's Lair

Quick video showing the six main bosses in Haunted Castle (1988).

Classic monsters from the old and-and-white Universal movies are here, such as Frankenstein and Count Dracula himself, while the game also borrows from Greek mythology, which is why you get bosses like Medusa (as well as Medusa heads in the console versions of Castlevania).

They are all (to varying degrees) fairly easy, and I wonder if that's intentional on Konami's part. Why would they do something like that? Perhaps to counter balance the extreme difficulty of the levels that lead up to each boss encounter.

I have a feeling the sub-weapons are a little too overpowered as well. The Torch in particular is a beast, especially against Dracula. It's this combination, I think, that makes the bosses a little on the easy side, and more so compared to the original Castlevania. The Dracula fight of that game is simply brutal (to me at least).

In the end, the bosses in Haunted Castle offer some reprieve from what came before. And the designs aren't half bad either.

For a closer look at the game's main bosses, check out my write-up here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/haunted-castle-1988-a-look-at-the-game-s-bosses

I live stream myself playing Mr. Micro's classic Treasure Island in an attempt to achieve 100% completion!

Unfortunately the live stream got cut short right at the end (not sure what happened), which is why it ends so abruptly.

Please feel free to like and comment, and all that good stuff.

I'll be live streaming a part 2 sometime this week, hopefully on Friday!

A quick guide how on how to get through Treasure Island by Mr. Micro in the quickest time possible.

I've wanted to come back to this game for a long time, and my chance finally came! Played through from start to finish and treated the playthrough almost as a speedrun. So I didn't collect any of the random items lying about the island. Did it without dying once, which is cool. Lots of good memories with this game!

Lounge Knight battles the creatures of the night in Castlevania for the NES, including the King Vampire himself, Dracula!

This is the complete playthrough. It was done in one sitting, I only made some edits to remove deaths, continues, places where I accidently pressed the HOME button, and so on.

Version played: Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Nintendo Switch.

Lounge Knight takes on the creatures of the night in Castlevania for the NES, including the King Vampire himself, Count Dracula!


Vampire Bat - 00:20
Medusa - 01:12
Mummies - 01:42
Frankenstein - 02:27
Death - 03:03
Dracula - 03:34
Credits - 05:32

Version played: Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Nintendo Switch.

Lounge Knight takes on the King Vampire himself, Count Dracula, in the NES version of Castlevania!

Drac finally went down for the count (hehe) using the Whip and Boomerang.

Version played: Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Nintendo Switch.

My retrospective on Mike Westlake's 1987 fantasy arcade adventure game, Merlin, as experienced on the ZX Spectrum! Hope you enjoy listening :)

You can also read my retrospective on my website here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/retrospective-merlin-firebird-1987

Hi guys, a quick tip on how to exploit glitches in Areas 5 and 10, to make your life a bit easier. Enjoy ūüėÄ

I've also done a quick write-up of how to to the exploit the glitch on my website:

Lounge Knight & Malenfant discuss the health of the Star Wars franchise under Disney.

Lots of spoilers for the prequel, original and sequel trilogies, as well as the Obi-Wan Kenobi show!

A complete 1 loop playthrough of Konami's arcade maze, Mikie, on the ZX Spectrum.

I loved this game as a kid and I still enjoy playing it to this day. The graphics are colourful and the gameplay fluid. Definitely one of the better coin-op conversions.

For the sake of transparency, the playthrough is edited to remove deaths, which is why the "Lives" counter goes down occasionally.

Played on Spectaculator.

My complete first playthrough of The Battle of Olympus on NES.

Very good game, enjoyed my time playing through it. You can read my full review here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/the-battle-of-olympus-game-review-nes

The video has been edited to take out most of the deaths and any times I was either grinding or lost :)

See boss after boss fall to the power of Comet Azur! Combined with Terra Magicus and the Flask of Wondrous Physick, it's virtually unstoppable!!

Timestamps for each of the boss fights:

00:10 - Commander Niall
00:32 - Morgott, the Omen King
01:30 - Erdtree Avatar
02:05 - Demi-Human Queen Maggie
02:37 - Death Rite Bird
03:14 - Red Wolf of the Champion
04:02 - Stonedigger Troll
04:27 - Ancestor Spirit
04:48 - Dragonskin Soldier

Short clip showing captured footage of Elden Ring running on the base PS4.

Frame rate performance was captured using trdrop. If you're interested in doing the same, you can download the FPS software here: https://github.com/cirquit/trdrop

Any tips for improving future captures, just drop me a line!

Not a gameplay video as such, this is a PC benchmark test of the opening areas of the game for those with similar or identical specs, which are:

Processor: Intel i7 @2.60GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

Hopefully the video will help those who are wondering if their rig can play Elden Ring. First, a word on spoilers, though. Rest assured that I have avoided them as much as humanly possible in this video, so no cutscenes, talking to NPCs or anything like that. In case anyone is wondering, I used MSI Afterburner to monitor CPU, Processor and GPU usage.

Finally, the game was tested on v1.02, so the latest patch is installed.

Unofficial speedrun of Rolling Thunder Story 2 Areas 6 - 10. Can't submit this run to speedrun.com for obvious reasons. The idea is to see how fast I can get through the hellish levels that comprise Story 2!

I think sub ten minutes is certainly doable. I was a bit cautious because I didn't want to die basically. I'll be running through Story 2 again at some point to try and achieve that sub ten minute time. Once I'm happy with my Story 2 time, I will attempt a complete speedrun of Areas 1 - 10 and see where I get to.

Also, notice the glitch towards the end of Area 10. You can basically get through the most difficult part of the level with ease. Unfortunately, you still need to kill the final boss.

Played the version found on Namco Arcade PAC on Nintendo Switch.

Speedrun of Rolling Thunder Story 1 Areas 1 - 5 (so first loop). Managed to snag a NEW PB of 6:57. So my suspicions that the run could be done in under 7 minutes were correct.

Even so, the run can be refined further still. I was still a bit too cautious in places, would need to take further risks to create a smooth run with no hesitations or pauses. The time can then come down even further.

I also noticed a glitch in Stage 1-2. I was able to jump down a platform you're not supposed to, as it has no bannisters. This didn't happen on this particular run, but if pulled off, the glitch can save an extra second or two.

Played on Nintendo Switch. Game is included in Namco's Arcade PAC collection.

Speedrun of Rolling Thunder Story 1 Areas 1 - 5 (so first loop). Managed to snag a PB of 7:11. The game is not easy, and it took me a fair few attempts to get the time down to what it is.

It's not a perfect run by any means. Sub seven minutes is definitely possible. I'll try to perfect the run over the course of another 1000 attempts :)

The plan is also to tackle Story 2 Areas 6 - 10, though I suspect it will be a nightmare.

Played on Nintendo Switch. Game is included in Namco's Arcade PAC collection.

Mikie (or ShinnyŇę Shain TŇćru-kun in Japan) is an arcade game developed by Konami and released by the same in 1984. You play as the titular character, Mikie, a prototypical Ferris Bueller before Ferris Bueller was a thing (the film came out two years after the game), who decides he's had enough poring over boring lessons for one day. He decides to ditch school and spend time with his girlfriend, Mandy, who's already waiting for him outside the school gates. There's only one problem. The teacher isn't just going to let Mikie walk out the door; this high school kid's going to need to get creative if he wants to escape the confines of the school building.

Mikie is an interesting entry in Konami's vast and varied oeuvre; I don't think there's anything quite like it in its canon. It has been described as both an action adventure title and a maze game. The objective is to successfully escape the school grounds without being caught. To do that, the player has to navigate five screens, each representing a room in the school. Each room is connected by a series of corridors and stairwells. Each room has its own traps and pitfalls and obstacles to overcome. Each room contains a certain number of hearts as well; each heart represents as letter of a secret note that Mandy has written to Mikie. The object is to collect all the hearts; only then is the full secret message revealed, and only then is Mikie able to leave the room. However, within each room as well are one or more adults who are hell bent on making sure that Mikie doesn't leave the school grounds.

In this video I showcase the arcade version (released in 1984) along with the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions released by Imagine Software in 1986.

Timestamps for each of the versions:

ZX Spectrum - 00:12
Amstrad CPC - 01:32
Commodore 64 - 02:57
Arcade - 03:53
All versions - 04:37

Intro contains royalty free music track "War" composed by Bensound.

Lounge Knight tackles and defeats all the main bosses in The Battle of Olympus on NES.

Obviously contains spoilers for all bosses, including late and end game ones, so view at your discretion. Of course the game has been out for decades at this point :)

Also, for a more detailed breakdown of how to beat all the main bosses in the game, head over to the article on my website here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/boss-strategies-the-battle-of-olympus-nes

For an actual review of the game, check out my article here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/the-battle-of-olympus-game-review-nes

Anyway, timestamps for all the bosses showcased in this video:

The Lamia - 00:37
Nemean Lion - 00:53
The Hydra - 01:23
The Cyclops - 04:20
The Siren - 05:00
The Graeae - 05:23
Gaea - 6:20
Ladon - 07:03
Talos - 08:10
The Minotaur - 08:36
Cerberus - 11:00
Hades - 11:57

Intro contains royalty free music track "War" composed by Bensound.

Video showcasing the C64, NES, Amiga and Nintendo Switch.

Toki is a classic run and gun game that was developed by TAD Corporation and originally released as an arcade game back in 1989. The game was later ported to home formats in 1991 by Ocean Software (they of countless movie tie-in games such as Robocop). A remake was then released in 2018 featuring all new graphics.

You play as the eponymous human turned ape called Toki. You're beloved was kidnapped by an evil wizard and you're on an epic quest to save her and regain your humanity. The gameplay is classic run and gun. Toki must traverse a series of levels, doing a bit of platforming, swimming and shooting at enemies with orbs from his mouth. These can be boosted with temporary power-ups.

I thought about including the Megadrive version as well, but decided it was too similar to the Amiga version, so only included the latter. I thought about including the arcade version, but decided to focus on home versions instead.

Of the four versions, the C64 versions is easily the clunkiest to play. The NES version again impressed me with its playability. The Amiga version is of course a classic. The 2018 remake features impressive graphics but retains the classic gameplay. As an addition, you now get difficulty levels.

For a more detailed comparison of all the versions highlighted in this video, check out my article here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/showcase-reel-toki-1989

Timestamps for each of the versions are:

ZX Spectrum - 00:12
Amstrad CPC - 01:32
Commodore 64 - 02:57
Arcade - 03:53
All versions - 04:37

Intro contains royalty free music track "War" composed by Bensound.

This video combines footage from the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, NES and Arcade versions of the first area of the Rolling Thunder run and gun classic. This time, though, I have added footage from the C64 version as well.

The arcade version of Rolling Thunder was released in 1986 and is absolutely one of my all time favourite games of all time. The C64, Speccy and NES home conversions followed in the next couple of years.

The arcade and NES versions are a joy to play, smooth and responsive. Alas, the same cannot be said for either the ZX Spectrum or C64 version; as both are compromised in some way.

For a more detailed comparison of all the versions highlighted in this video, check out my article here: https://www.travelsthroughgaming.com/post/showcase-reel-rolling-thunder-1986

Timestamps for each of the versions are:

Commodore 64 - 00:00
ZX Spectrum - 00:29
NES - 01:01
Arcade - 01:39
All versions - 02:21

Fun little video I put together showcasing the epic fight between Sekiro and the Great Shinobi Owl, using the Mortal Blade.

Tried to play around with some editing techniques using my fight against the Great Shinobi Owl in order to create something a bit different with this video, so hope you like it. I'm also always looking to improve my video editing skills, so any tips, just let me know!

Music Info:
Warrior by yoitrax | https://soundcloud.com/yoitrax
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/


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