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Investors presentation for Canund Social Network INC.

UK News Interview With CEO Scott Bacheldor of Canund Social Network INC.

Live Talk Radio
Live talk radio package being offered now to get ready for this upgrade. This will be a free and paid service! We offer 5 free saved streams them after you have to pay. The more people we have getting paid account faster we get there also with the messenger app. Thanks Everyone May God Bless You ALL!!

UK Interview With Scott Bacheldor & Matthew Taylor

The Armed Forces Week Recruit A Thon!!

Coming up! We are having a recruit a thon! To celebrate Armed Forces week to Honor all those who have fallen for our freedom and continue fighting for our freedom. Now we know this is a USA holiday for May 18th however any chance we can get to honor the Men and Women who serve our country is a great week.

Now we stand up together for our freedom once again with Canund Social Network. We honor the brave men and women who served in the Canadian military and are on our board of directors for Canund Social Network. We also honor every first world nation and their part they have done in fighting for our freedom across the world.

We are offering starting from Thursday May 16th to Tuesday May 21 2019. Each person you bring in and help you will revive $100 in points.

We show that the earth is not getting warmer its getting colder.
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Canund Social Network


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