Chatting with Jimmy about Health and Wealth. Jimmy does the funnies and I talk shit ;)

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Last night I won a $10k Rolex and it reminds me of my 21 year career with an American company I'd never heard of. They gave me an opportunity not a job with a salary. Out of the 21 years i spent with Combined Insurance Company of America all but the last 2 years were spent self employed. Here's how i see opportunity...

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I've been making money in forex using EA's for 18 months now. I'm a failed trader and I didn't think it was possible. I tested and confidence grew.
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How I removed a lump from the back of my neck using Black Salve.
Another one of natures wonders for healing.
See also the lady who removed her breast tumours using Black Salve here
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EMF protection devices are largely untested, expensive and useless. Here you can see Dr Mike showing how Smart Shield is tested using bloods, saliva, muscle testing and more making it the most effective most affordable EMF protection available today.








How to own a stake in a cannabis plantation and earn lifetime passive income


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