Video made by Mulejuice Games, improved by me.

This was my first time editing, I think that I have improved massively since then.

Youtube Channel still dead by the way. You will be the first to know, don't worry.

Note: This was in 6 parts originally and consolidated into one, so keep it in mind if you see a bad transition or something like that.

Sidenote: This was in April '17, and Mugabe was still alive and kicking. Rest In Peace. Lucky outlived you.

If You have played XCOM 2 chances are you have tried a voice pack; this could have been one of those voice packs, but never made it farther than this. Still, enjoy.

Seed: VBM9 4EWJ.

Play this as The Forgotten, go to Boss Rush > Blue Womb > The Void, and your forgotten can become a god as well.

also the za hando sound isn't a mod, I just added it in post. Someone should make that though.

this one is a little old but it still turned out ok in the end.

Oct 11, 2019 - Death of Lucky

Nik's Geriatric Dog survived a few more days than Robert Mugabe.

Youtube still not giving my account back

'but i hate commies more'

-PFC Filer

Ru Ro Raggy, Milosevic!

Pvt. Pot's China Dream


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Fucking youtube suspended my account because of Dancing Israelis. Now I'm Here.