Sorry that this one is pretty boring, I didn't want to drag it out to 30 minutes, and nothing particularly exciting happened this episode. There is not a single edit, besides cuts, shots, text, and music. The next one is a combat episode, so don't worry, it gets better.

The Ultimate Shitpost.
Music is Chase - Noteblock Edition (courtesy of plebbit user u/Underhacker)
Next episode of VC should be up eventually... I'm just high key putting it off. We are also putting off having another session so...

We finally did another one of these last week. Sorry my mic was off for the first third. Also sorry for the discord PTT sound, that actually was picked up by the mic.

Sorry to disappoint: Very old video. Idk how this wasn't uploaded earlier, but this was my first attempt at an ArmA Zeus Op. I went on to make exactly one (i think) ops after this. It involved multiple Dead Man's Switch Suitcase Nukes. Colonel Aziz's Son died. This was made in July 2018 when I was 16 years old. (and still had a FUCKING YOUTUBE ACCOUNT)

I am running away from Valve HQ in Bellevue as I upload this. This is pure and uncut leaked gameplay from the new update coming out.

My Autistic ass XCOM Campaign

Yeah, this is a re-up. It improves a few things, especially the lip syncing, and even the thumbnail looks a little nicer.
But the reason i had to remake this in the first place was this video which I wish came out a few weeks earlier. I was using Cornered before this, which had the perfect timing for this, but since I saw this video it is now using the real noise

Now it is 2020, everyone is graduating, and My youtube channel is still banned. R.I.P. KGB and USSR, You were pretty fun I guess.


Really shitty video, but it is the oldest one I have. besides the TF2 ones. This is the final video to reupload, so there will be no more uploads unless i actually make new videos. Ok that is about all. Thank you youtube for still not reinstating me after 4 months.

Disheed. Only one remains.

This one is from May '18. I was really sick and still 16 years old so excuse the cancerous voice.

anyone remember this game?

Day 2 of the daily uploads. This is one of the better ones which I am surprised hasn't been reupped until now.

A Compilation of times i have killed b4nny.

Note: Since youtube still hasn't given me my channel back, I am going to be uploading all the rest of my videos, one a day for the rest of the week. Then, there will be exclusively new videos/videos not yet made from then on out.

So, expect one more video out today: but a short one.

We have reached the bottom of the barrel

Follow the Bizarre Adventures of Jordan Joreeman, a physicist at Black Mesa, who learns the ancient art of Hamon.

2AM Meat Grinder

This is the last real good upload, but there are a few more that aren't that bad.

youtube has now blocked me from the site for 3 months. will it ever end? maybe.

Video made by Mulejuice Games, improved by me.

This was my first time editing, I think that I have improved massively since then.

Youtube Channel still dead by the way. You will be the first to know, don't worry.

Note: This was in 6 parts originally and consolidated into one, so keep it in mind if you see a bad transition or something like that.

Sidenote: This was in April '17, and Mugabe was still alive and kicking. Rest In Peace. Lucky outlived you.

If You have played XCOM 2 chances are you have tried a voice pack; this could have been one of those voice packs, but never made it farther than this. Still, enjoy.

Seed: VBM9 4EWJ.

Play this as The Forgotten, go to Boss Rush > Blue Womb > The Void, and your forgotten can become a god as well.

also the za hando sound isn't a mod, I just added it in post. Someone should make that though.

this one is a little old but it still turned out ok in the end.


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Fucking youtube suspended my account because of Dancing Israelis. Now I'm Here.