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We should all take note, really serious note of the fact that the Sheriffs are the only law enforcement in the Nation which is not beholden to and appointed by politicians. They are ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. and their mission is to serve the people ..or loss their jobs.

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On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed that he wasexperiencing “COVID rebound” after taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid, the so-called silver bullet that Biden wasted billions in taxpayer dollars to support.

Paxlovid appears to have almost zero effectiveness for people that are already vaccinated, according to the manufacturer Pfizer’s data.

Now let's have a laugh:
Earlier in June, Fauci tested positive for the virus with mild symptoms, including fatigue. According to Fauci, as his symptoms worsened, he began a five-day course of the supposed wonder drug. It helped for a few days and then he came down with a second episode of Covid, this time much, much worse

So what does the lying murderer do? He opts for a second dose of Paxlovid. Here's hoping he arrives a third episode of Covid, much worse still....



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A View from AFAR from the Duran and Europe and around the world

Full Circle of Corruption: Duram investigation of Sussman and Hillary leads to Fake Ukraine War and Prolongation of Ukraine Propagand Allows Coverup of Hillary DeepState Crimes and Criminal Income


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Do we believe what our own eyes are seeing? .... or....What the Academic Medical Bureucrats are telling us that our eyes are seeing?

What do the BigTech Scumlords of YouTube, Fakebook, and Titter keep from us as they pretend to allow us to better communicate with each other?

Do we believe the fake pollsters and their chronically fake polls even after they were debunked in 2016?

Do we believe the Chinese communist employees of Fakebook who determine the algorithms that decide what we see...and what we think we see...?

We may as well be living in Communist China.

Those who dare speak out are fired or punished by the media and local governments. State boards threaten to revoke their medical licenses. Fauci and his gang have moved on from vilification of HCQ to vilification of the doctors who use it successfully to save thousands of lives.

On July 27th the Frontline Doctors’ Summit reportedly got 20 million views. As I watched, I worried it would be quickly censored and rushed to capture what I could on my iPhone to preserve its compelling accounts of HCQ successes.

By that night social media tyrants erased nearly all traces of the Frontline Doctors’ Summit. So much easier than burning books. The destruction of free speech and the suppression of information are weapons of tyranny, no less brutal than breaking down doors and invading our homes.

How FAKEBOOK Can Block Your Posts...and ALSO....What it CANNOT do.

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Our videos are not 'marked" as that we and you can blithely post them all over FAKEBOOK....

If you wish to saturate FAKEBOOK with the issues/posts for which we have Videos on our Channel (over 120 videos now) just post them directly into Fakebook. We did that with the Frontline Doctors video... It is blocked on Fakebook...but now approaching 2000 views despite their ban.

SHARE SHARE SHARE.... Beneath each Video there is room for a full statement and links to other also banned sources... from now on we plant to fill those in so that our Channel can function just like a FAKEBOOK page without the 'faking'. Instead of a Photo as the Meme which draws attention to a post, we shall be using the videos as a 'meme' once you click on it we encourage looking at the text below with its links to other sources and photos and more.

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