David is a good friend of mine- a few years ago we started a halfway house in Corpus- He was a Meth addict for many years. He made tons of money in the concrete industry and lost it all when he got on drugs. I knew his brothers from the streets for many years. Huey died- Andy is still around. Good friends of mine.

Friends I worked with in recovery- Pops died a few years ago.

Prophetic event that took place with homeless friends


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NOTE- Please pray for us every time you read this section- the Lord’s Prayer [Our Father] - thanks.
I came to South TX. In 1980 by way of the Navy- I’m originally from North Bergen- N.J.
After getting kicked out of the Navy- I became a believer.
I started a jail ministry in Kingsville- then a church in 1987.
I was a firefighter from 1983 to 2008- now retired.
I broadcast on 3 radio stations- and stuck with KCTA radio for about 20 years.
I don’t take offerings- or support [paid for radio- out of pocket].
I self-fund as a retired firefighter- and did this for all the years I worked for the Kingsville Fire Dept.
In 1992 I started a street outreach- and worked with the Homeless in our area of C.C.
I still work with men struggling with addiction.
I helped a friend [ex- Meth addict who came from the street] start a halfway house for a few years- and also did home meetings all over South Texas.
Everything on this site is copyrighted by me- John Chiarello.
Feel free to copy- download [WordPress site] and use all of our stuff as much as you want- for Christian ministry- not to sell.
I don’t sell ads for my web sites- if you see some on my WordPress site- it’s because they charge me to take them down- and I already pay for that site.
In short- I teach/believe we can all make an impact in our world- it doesn’t take a lot of money.
All the above- radio- street outreach- home church [I rented an old hospital building for a year- other meetings in homes] were done by faith- at no huge cost [the radio airtime was the biggest expense I ever had- and my paycheck as a firefighter covered the cost].
My goal is to teach and get the word out- so feel free to use all the resources on all my sites- make as many copies as you want- use the stuff for your own ministries- that’s why I do this.
God bless you all- John Chiarello
One more note;
Over the last few years since we have been on-line.
I find it interesting to see the various nations that log on to the site.
I used to make a list-but over time we have had so many that I stopped keeping track.
The other day I saw one that surprised me.
Either the Pope- or someone from inside the Vatican logged on.
Truly an honor.
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The links you download from my WordPress site- are then your own permanent possession- just like if you ‘purchased’ a teaching series from a ministry.
But for you guys- they are all free.
Then- if you have your own church/ministry site- organize them there as teachings for your congregation- or anyone [just don’t charge].
Once you upload them- on your own site- that’s another permanent record- it’s not dependent on whether or not my site goes down.
And it benefits me- not because I get anything out of it [I take no offerings for anything] but because I don’t have to start another video site [Vimeo- etc.].
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