My selection of the historical anthems of Deutschland. I'm going to upload on here and see were things go.

dxpersona kissing Southern Israelites ass

Southern Israelite relies on paying prostitutes in order to have sexual intercourse.

Ulster was settled by Scots Presbyterians who fought the battle of the Boyne and effectively maintained Protestant order in Northern Ireland for 300 years. I'm not sure the name of the band but it is Orangist music.

I feel strong ties to the old world. This is outdated considering the more recent advancements.

A video on Johnie Zombie.

A historical novel book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Written in the format of Tolstoy's War And Peace.

Totally doing a 360 with the channel. All that is in the past will remain there. I am instead focusing on developing my views and ratings. So I will be setting videos which are unpopular to private. Eventually when I get more views I will then delete them. Please understand I will be more successful if I do.


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