To su te njihove klimatske promjene! Sotone... Ako nam ne daju istinu na znanje onda smo zaista porobljeni. Hvala gostu i voditelju sto su nam omogucili da o ovom svemu malo vise saznamo! Mnogi smo dozivjeli da kada o ovome progovorimo, budemo grubo napadnuti, kao uostalom o svim brojnim temama o kojima se ne bi smjelo pricati u zadnje dvije i pol godine! Ljudi hvala vam i Bog vas blagoslovio!


Nothing but respect for this girl for having the courage to say what EVERYONE else is thinking. This cannot keep going on, it is a spit in the face to actual female athletes who worked their entire lives to get to that stage. University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss NCAA's handling of the meet.


We can all totally trust a German guy who says we'll own nothing and be happy but also says we should also be prepared for a more angry world.

Join me for an exclusive sit down interview with Klaus Schwab himself! The leader of the World Economic Forum opens up and speaks very candidly about his plans for you and the future of our planet!

Featuring The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, and more!


At this stage there's no point having any government. I'd rather have an A-Political world, where politics and government has zero place in any society. They've shown the world what they are capable of, and that is why the world should suffer it no longer.

George Carlin once said: "The world is a freak show and if you live in America you have a front row seat". Well, it looks like the show is on tour in the UK, with many daily matinees taking place. The lunatics are many and the asylum is bursting at the seams.

Well done Alex for trying to bring this to the attention of the baffled and befuddled out there.


Went from "We just want to exist" to "Let us groom your kids" real fast. The Left today is trying to destroy children’s innocence in the name of 'tolerance'. These people are nuts we must stand up and take these people out of society. This is absolutely crazy. These people are insane. Protect the children at all cost please family. Listening to this "misgendered person" blaming others as misgenering "it" when it feels free to change its gender at whim is scary and then to think it has the freedom to speak to anyone's child about their personal delusion is rich.

Exposing the Groomers bill, is doing its job, better than anyone could expect. Keep up the good work Florida!

To the teacher that said ‘my kids’ - They are not your kids. They are students there to learn abc’s and 123’s


If this is so rare with |"vaccinated" athletes, why do many. A similar problem has been reported with air line pilots. It almost looks like... it's because of Gates funded kill shot...

The Obama-Biden reunion will do nothing to turn things around for Dems. It only reinforces what we already know:

Biden doesn’t know what on Earth he’s doing or where he’s going.

Gošća u Podcastu Velebit je saborska zastupnica Karolina Vidović Krišto. Takve ljude trebamo u politici, treba bandu rastjerati i uzet im sve sto su ne zakonito sebi prisvojili (otuđili). Poštujem gđu Krišto, pratim njen rad i njeno zalaganje za borbu protiv korupcije, mislim da bi bilo odlično kad bi takva osoba dobila šansu da vodi državu, i nadam se samo da će okupiti kvalitetne suradnike, mislim da će jedan od njih biti gosp. Kolakušić koji je upravo govorio o tome da porezni djelatnici imaju veće plaće kako bi kvalitetno radili svoj posao. BRAVOOO - KONAČNO! Odlično vođena emisija, g.Juriču, a o gošći da i ne pričam! Želim barem koliko još mogu, dok sam živ, učestvovati u nečem dobrom i poštenom u našoj Hrvatskoj! Neka nam je sa srećom!


Sky News host Rita Panahi says Victoria Police wants Australians to “forget” about recent history after two years of “overreach and selective policing”.

“The Victoria Police hierarchy want to rebuild their brand,” she said. “Victoria Police command wants you to forget about what they've been up to for the past couple of years, you know harassing old women on park benches, arresting pregnant women in their kitchens for Facebook posts, enforcing playground bans on children and their brutal response to anti-lockdown protesters.

“Yes, please forget all that and remember they are on our side.” Ms Panahi said Victoria Police’s public image was “badly damaged” and as long as the likes of Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius hold key positions, who she compared to Chief Wiggum, that would not change.

“Police command needs a cleanout starting with Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius,” she said.


Nevjerojatno dobar intervju! Sve bitne teme ste pretumbali. Fenomenalan g. Velimir Ponoš!

Većina jednostavno nije u stanju odvojiti sate, ponekad i dane, za preispitivanje, a sve je dostupno i objašnjeno i najavljeno. Zaokupljeni su svojim životima, komoditetom, strahom od gubitka posla, kuće, stana i ne mogu pojmiti da postoje ljudi koji žele da ih nema. Ne osuđujem nikoga, ali nije mi jasno kako ne shvaćaju da će zaista ostati bez svega i što ostavljaju budućim generacijama.


The more I rewatch this, the angrier I become. These fucking people are murderers. We tried to warn you people but we’re mocked, humiliated, scorned, and ridiculed… But, see I am not like you. I have a conscience and I feel bad for you who were so adamant and certain that you were right and wouldn’t listen. Now look at this mess the banksters, the black nobility, and their pet politicians, mephitic corporations like Pfizer and Facebook, and your thinktanks like The World Econimic Forum caused. Repulsive. And, I am pissed and fuck your Ukrainian theater.


Better life for whom? Certainly not for us. These psychopaths have serious delusions of grandeur. This needs a serious pushback before it’s too late. Or it’s too late, millennials use their debt cards for everything. I’ve tried to explain the importance of using cash and they look at me like I’m advocating VHS tapes.


OBAMACARE WAS CREATED TO TRAFFICK CHILDREN - using a 5-digit coding system allows child traffickers to follow kids from birth. CPS (Child Protective Services) has a base in every major hospital (Medical Industrial Complex).


Just like a cashless society, this is dangerous for all of us. They can remove our access to financial services at the press of a button like the Canadian truckers, like Russian citizens. They can turn our phones off, our internet. OUR LIVES. I have been told for several years from friends of mine in the tech world, everything will be “subscription” and “share” services. However, I have also heard their change of heart because they’re finally seeing it for what it is. Utter control over their usage.

They need to be careful, when you own nothing, you have nothing to lose and that makes you very, very dangerous.


Gavin de Becker: "It's been the number one book in the country silently for coming up for 25 or 30 weeks now, without a single review in the United States. Now when in our lives has that ever happened that a book is the number one best-selling book in America and nobody reviews it?"

Croatian MEP former judge Mislav Kolakusic hits the nail on the head! Mislav Kolakušić, a member of the European parliament. He is from Croatia. A brave man! God bless him! Finally someone speaks common sense and truth. This gentleman is on the right side of history and he speaks the truth. Little trudeau is sitting just behind the speaker to his right, that is who he looks back at while speaking, basically directly to him. Perfect.


Ovo je najbolja izjava ikada rečeno u Hrvatskoj! Izjava svih izjava Željka Sačića, iskrena iz srca i istinita. Bravo legendo! Pravo osvježenje čuti zdravorazumsko razmišljanje nakon što danima i danima gledamo i slušamo samo imbecile.

Na konferencija za medije održanoj u Saboru zastupnik Hrvatskih suverenista Željko Sačić govorio je o cijepljenju. Uvjek brutalno iskrena-bez dlake na jeziku.

Bravo generale, sve potpisujem! Tako je! G. Sačić, svaka vam čast! Trebamo hrabre ljude, a poznate javnosti, koje će istupati u naše ime, u ime onih koji su progledali, a i pomoći onima koji još uvijek ne vide istinu. Bravo bravo bravo gospodine Sacic! Ima puno ljudi koji se nisu cjepili i Bogu hvala svi su zdravi. Kad bi bilo malo vise tskvih bilo bi nam bolje. Pozdrav glavu gore i napred. Bravo, svaka ti cast Sacic. Sta li kaze na to Zekanovic Bencic Taritas Grbin, i skoro svi koji su trazili i inzistirali ucjenjivali sa radnim mjestom one koji ne zele ekperimentalno cjepivo?

BRAVO SAČIĆU! Izdvoji se iz Suverenista, udržite se sa par ljudi (pravih, boraca) iz Mosta i DP i onda će to bit prava Hrvatska stranka i imat će te moj glas. A ovako ga ti imas odmah, jer je ovo do sada najvrjednija izjava nekog političara u posljednih 25 god. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Podržajem te u svakom pogledu - tjelesno, novčano, borbeno i kako god treba!



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Official Pfizer documents, Great Reset book from psychopath Klaus Schwab, the Nuremberg Code, The Light magazine issues, Dr Coleman books, elite's plans and simulations for next 25 years and other important PDF files.
• AGENDA 21/2030
• ID2020

• Fake 'virus', fake statistics, fake science, real tyranny.
• F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real
• Greatest fear mechanism ever: “You can have the deadly virus and have no symptoms”
• I have a condition that prohibits me from wearing a mask.. It's called "Being Human".
• Save the NHS and die at home or a care home.
• CV19 is so deadly and sickening you have to have a test to know you actually have it even though you're not sick.
• Censorship is never sensible. You don't win debates by banning them and banning debates is the hallmark of a dictatorship.
• Never trust a person with dual interests of population control and vaccines.
• Term ”conspiracy theory" never existed prior to the assassination of JFK. It was coined by the CIA to delegitimize questioning,
used by the mainstream media to intimidate people that question authority. “Conspiracy Theorist" - someone who questions the
statements of known liars.
• 5G & Health: 2.4 GHz is used for most wi-fi boxes in our homes (2.4 GHz is when maximum dielectric loss of water occurs and
we are 70% water). 6 GHz will be used in the new wi-fi systems they are currently upgrading in our schools and public places
(6 GHz is the maximum peak on the spectrum for iodine absorption). 60 GHz will also be used in the new wi-fi systems in
schools and public places and in the 5G masts they are rolling out (60 GHz is the maximum peak on the spectrum for oxygen
So water, iodine and oxygen, 3 very important needs for human survival are being targeted by the elite via these frequencies:
2.4 GHz - maximum dielectric loss of water.
6 GHz - maximum peak on the spectrum for iodine absorption.
60 GHz - maximum peak on the spectrum for oxygen absorption.
All the above frequencies are currently being used and rolled out on the whole population to attack the basic human needs for
survival. They can hoax a pandemic whenever they like simply by the frequencies used on us.. It won't take long to depopulate
the planet if they are messing with the water, iodine and oxygen.