Enjoy Anthony Scaramucci's full interview for Hoaxed, filmed in October, 2017.

Watch a guest lie today on CNN.

The guest claimed that no media outlet reported the “This is MAGA country claim.”

In fact, several outlets reported that hoax, including ABC.

Enjoy Dr. Jordan Peterson's full interview for Hoaxed, filmed in November, 2017.

Questions have been edited for clarity.

A scene from Blood Money, an expose into Qatar's foreign influence operation in the United States

Coming soon from Cerno Films.

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Enjoy Act 1 from Hoaxed Movie.

Watch the full movie at

Covingtongate was a conspiracy theory spread by the media, which held that several underage boys bullied a Vietnam veteran, Nathan Phillips. As it turns out, the "veteran" was Stolen Valor and he had confronted the teenagers, who were defending their friends from homophobic slurs being launched at them by Phillips' friend.

New video shows that the high school students accused of racism had actually been framed!


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