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Title says it all and if you follow the steps given you wont go wrong.

Cathy O'brien tells of her experience as victim of MKULTRA mind control and the things she was made to do and the people behind it.

A quick interview with some of the more well known people that exposed MKULTA mind control, and bear in mind just because there are not recent examples of mind control victims coming forward DOES NOT mean that this practice has at all stopped if anything it's become more common.

Brice Taylor also known as Sue Ford talks of her experience as a mind controlled sex slave and exposes the people behind it.

This one is quite the surprise but Al Neal shows here that words in hebrew have a numerical value and that number then leads to a book and chapter where that word is either directly in the text or descriptive of the chapter in question.

This would indicate that there is a definite design and logic both to the hebrew language and the word of God.

Catholicism has never saved anyone, will never save anyone and is the absolute opposite of born again Christianity. It is a cult and a deadly one at that.

Ted Gunderson explains how the FBI and CIA are no longer working for the public good they are in fact working against the public and are driven by the Illuminati. He cites multiple cover ups and gives information on how when people know to much or can expose the truth are disposed of.

Also worth noting the speaker in the introduction mentions how the O.J trial was used in the media to pull attention away from the Oklahoma City bombing, meaning if that has been done before it is still being done. Be aware every time one event is on the news every day for a good length of time.

Here in parts 5-7 Derek Prince explains the infiltration of witchcraft into churches and how to identify it, how salvation is and deliverance is for the desperate and once you are saved how do you live in a world that you see everyday falling apart.

This is parts 1 - 4 of the Seven Steps to Revival, Here Derek Prince talks about the love of God, how to love God, how to humble yourself before God and the difference between grace and law.

It took me a while to understand the relevance of this but the Oklahoma City bombing was orchestrated to put in anti terrorism laws which limited the freedom of the individual and allowed to police to search without warrant, fast forward to the 9/11 orchestrated attack and then the signing of the patriot act which further limited the freedom of the individual and you see the pattern and the relevance.

Derek Prince explains how witchcraft can take the form of manipulation, intimidation and otherwise any control by a spirit that is not the Holy Spirit. The main reason to be aware of how witchcraft works is to know how it operates so you can tell where it is in operation and churches are not exempt from using witchcraft.

Ted Gunderson talks about various cover ups and the real idea behind terrorism. This is still relevant today because it is easy to forget about things such as the Oklahoma City bombing or the 9/11 attack but these events show that there is a deliberate and thought out manipulation of events.

World events are being manipulated by the Illuminati from the shadows every day.

Derek Prince explains the power of fasting from scripture and the fact that many times fasting changed the course of history.

Derek Prince explains how you can get the power of the Word of God working in your life by proclamations, that is to say proclaiming scriptures to be effective in your life, such as the promises of God.

An interview with Gail Riplinger on the book New Age Bible versions. And i would contend that this is very relevant because bibles with omitted verses and ungodly changes are growing in popularity.

This short video has been around for a while but this short sermon does explain the Devil we Christians must fight each and every day very clearly in only a few minutes.

Granted i would have preferred this sermon without the music.

Bill Schnoebelen talks about the various reasons for demons to operate in your life and gives the names and symptoms of a lot of them. So if you are praying for deliverance and are bothered by anything mention here you now know the name of the enemy that is bothering you and once you know the name you can attack them directly with prayer.

Bill Schnoebelen talks about the various dark roots born again Christians may still be held by even after being saved. But worry not all of those dark roots can be rooted out with prayer and the grace of Lord Jesus Christ.

The main thing is for Christians to become aware and take action and use the authority given to them by Jesus.

Here Bill Schnoebelen goes over the various ways Christians and can unintentionally invite evil spirits into their lives, by various forms of entertainment that are prevalent in the world today.

This may be a fringe subject however, it is worth noting that a whole lot of entertainment is dedicated to these two subjects. So if there is a spiritual side to this it is worth considering.
Are these things real or not and if so what is the spirit behind them?

This documentary is a series of testimonies of people that got out of various cults and false religions, it's not an easy thing to watch but it is vitally important in these days to be aware of the magnitude of manipulation that is used by cults to sway the minds of people into obedience.

And many of these people were honest people earnestly seeking to do what is right, which is also why my spirit lights on fire when i see cults abuse the name of Jesus to get hold of people. It's the worst kind of wickedness there is.

Stan Monteith goes briefly over the various things that prove that there is indeed a conspiracy and he goes into the ideology behind it.

Stan Monteith explains how the money we use today is not really based on any form of wealth behind it but instead it is just paper money.

Two sermons by Win Worley combined since one follows the other. And here Win Worley explains the danger of goddess worship and how its on the rise and how that is leading up to the arrival of the antichrist.

In this lecture Barry Smith talks about how you will endure trials and chastisement by following Jesus Christ and that the christian life is not without hardships. And that this is not meant to do you harm but to build character. God after all is a father and he will chasten those he loves.


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