NRK - TV (1974)

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I've never been a fan of Miles funk period. Hate it, in fact. (I do like his classic 50's Blue Note releases) But I thought I'd post this for Mike Stern's guitar solo (@4:25). His solo on the studio track of this tune, released on the record, is great also.

Bill Frisell -- guitar
Matt Chamberlain -- drums
Billy Drewes -- saxophone
Curtis Fowlkes -- trombone
Greg Leisz -- guitar & mandolin
David Plitch - bass
Ron Miles - trumpet

Somewhere in Brooklyn (9/4/20)

Bill Frisell performs a meditative solo version of Paul Motian’s “It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago” at the Fretboard Journal.

Bill is using a heavily modified Fender Telecaster. It has TK Smith neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan Little ’59 on the bridge; a Gibson-scale length neck (done by JW Black); a Mastery bridge; and custom art by Terry Turrell. On this clip, he’s playing through a Strymon Flint pedal for reverb and tremelo, a Line 6 DL4 for looping and a vintage Gibson GA-50T amp.

If you love guitars and enjoy the FJ's exclusive videos with Frisell and others, we hope you’ll support us by subscribing to the quarterly print edition of the Fretboard Journal:

Terje Rydal - guitar
Sveinung Hovensgo - bass
Jon Christensen - drums


00:21 The Return Of Per Ulv (Rypdal)
07:42 Centers / Genie (Rypdal)
22:31 Improvisation / Goose Bumps (Gurtu)
34:12 Baba (Gurtu)
42:12 Mountain In The Clouds (Vitous)
48:25 Tough Enough (Rypdal)

Terje Rypdal - guitar
Miroslav Vitous - bass
Trilok Gurtu - percussion

(1985) The performance is from a live event called "Sammen for livet", a Norwegian benefit.

Leverkusener Jazztage - Nov. 9th 2010

John Scofield - guitar
Steve Swallow - bass
Bill Stewart - drums

1. 00:00 How Deep
2. 06:12 Chicken Dog
3. 15:03 Everything I Love
4. 23:26 Pretty Out
5. 29:55 Trio Blues
6. 34:52 Someone to Watch Over Me

(2017) En concierto. Música en el CCK - Canal Encuentro HD - Argentina

9/5/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY

00:53 Out Of The Blue
21:56 What Might Have Been
39:55 Chromazone

Richie Morales - drums
Tom Kennedy - bass
Bob Franceschini - sax

Tokyo Dream 1:45
Road Games 8:06
White Line 13:44
Panic Station 19:46
24:00 Allan Holdsworth interview
Letters Of Marque 26:15
Home 32:58
38:42 Allan Holdsworth interview pt 2 (Allan talks guitars/pedals/amps)
Devil Take The Hindmost 40:58
Material Real 47:00
Metal Fatigue 54:10
Where Is One 59:25
The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) 1:07:31
Was There? 1:15:01

Allan Holdsworth – guitar
Paul Williams – vocals
Chad Wackerman – drums
Jimmy Johnson – bass

Gordon "Gordy" Davis – engineer
Bill Inglot, Dave Schultz – remastering

Blue Note, NYC, 26th September 2004

John Scofield - guitar, Steve Swallow - bass, Bill Stewart - drums

1. New Orleans (a.k.a. Heck of a Job)
2. Green Tea
3. Hammock Soliloquy
4. Pretty Out
5. Over Big Top

Live at Molde Jazz Festival, Norway, August 2, 1974

00:00 Desert Air (C. Corea) - solo vibraphone
05:45 The Colours of Chloë (E. Weber) - feat drum solo
10:35 Bob Moses drum solo
14:00 Doin The Pig (S. Swallow)
17:53 Grow Your Own (K. Jarrett)

The Gary Burton Quintet
Gary Burton - vibraphone
Mick Goodrick - guitar
Pat Metheny - 12 string guitar
Steve Swallow - elec. bass
Bob Moses - drums

Second part of the concert from the jazz festival in Molde 1974. Venue: Molde cinema. Directed by Svein Erik Børja


Allan Holdsworth on guitar. State of the Art jazzrock for '74. I like this a lot better than Return To Forever or other jazzrock / fusion of that era.

1. Hazard Profile
2. The Floating World
3. Ealing Comedy
4. Bundles
5. Land Of the Bag Snake
6. Joint
7. The Man Who Waved At Trains
8. Peff
9. The Man Who Waved At Trains (reprise)
10. LBO (drum solo)
11. Riff II Encore
12. Lefty
13. Penny Hitch

Allan Holdsworth, Roy Babbington, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Mike Ratledge


Side A - Raw Deal
Side B - Mama's Little Baby.

Jesse 'Junior' Thompson (vcl); Terry Thompson (gtr); Ray Lovelace (gtr); Don Moore (gtr); Quinton Claunch (gtr); Jimmy Lovelace (b); Monty Olive (piano)

Real name Clen Houston Thompson Jr. Born in Florence, Ala. A regular on Dixie Hayride (Florence, Ala.) in 1956.

'68 Comeback Special


Check out the hair on Gene Vincent's bass player, it's kinda long. Looks very 80's to me, lol. He could have fit right in as The Cult's bass player circa 1985.



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