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Somewhat syncrhonistically, I found this talk by Rupert Sheldrake shortly after recording this video, wherein he mentions what I was talking about with belief influencing what the individual experiences when they die:

(about an hour in; during the audience Q&A)


Consciousness we experience
dreams up some fundamental "seed" concept which
logically necessitates infinite, intricate fractal structures
containing regions that are in fact metaphysical realms capable of containing the consciousness we experience

We exist AS that logical loop.


It seems there's a pretty straightforward path to present-day global corporatism to the totalitarian world order described in 1984.


Stallman talk on the four freedoms:

Free Software philosophy:

...with a brief pop-in from a special guest...

...what are they? 1) Different things to different people. 2) Worth exploring. 3) Likely the topic of may vlog entries to come....

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