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Made for television. Directed by Chad Van De Keere for 'Kickstart Productions' it features the voices of Isabella Acres, Drake Bell, Emilio Estevez and Ray Liotta.

The classic 2009 cartoon staring Jim Carrey

Yeah that's right, it's a Garfield Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble save Christmas for children all over the world by taking Santa’s place temporarily when he sprains his ankle on Fred’s roof delivering presents at the Flintstones’ house. Santa teaches them all they need to know and they do a great job, but Fred is late for a Christmas party hosted by his boss, Mr. Slate, and he could lose his job.

Note: This special can conflict with the Flintstones episode “Christmas Flintstone”, which was created before this one. At the end of the Flintstones episode, Fred believes in Santa Claus, and specifically says that no one can tell him there is no Santa Claus. At the beginning of this special, he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and Fred doesn’t believe Barney until he sees it for himself.

The Bedrock Community Players are mounting A Christmas Carol, and all of the town’s citizens are either planning to attend or be involved in the production: Barney Rubble is playing Bob Cragit, with Betty as Mrs. Cragit and his son Bamm-Bamm as Tiny Tim; Mr. Slate is Jacob Marbley; Wilma Flintstone is serving as the stage manager, while her daughter Pebbles plays Martha Cragit; even Dino has a role, playing the Cragit’s family pet. It is Fred, though, who has landed the leading role of Ebonezer Scrooge. Unfortunately, he has let his role go to his head, thinking himself a star and spending all of his time rehearsing his lines rather than focusing on his job or family.

On Christmas Eve, the day of the production, Fred spends the morning trying on his costume and mumbling his lines to himself, much to Wilma’s chagrin. In his rush to get to work, Fred forgets that he must take Pebbles to “cave care”; though Wilma reminds him, he leaves Pebbles with her teacher Ms. Feldspar without even kissing his daughter goodbye, leaving her in tears. Upon arriving at Mr. Slate’s quarry, Fred, still absorbed in his script, injures several of his co-workers, who he derisively calls “supporting players,” and chats with Maggie, the attractive young woman playing Belle, Scrooge’s love interest. Mr. Slate allows his employees to go home early, which Barney appreciates, as it gives him time to wrap Christmas presents. On hearing this, Fred panics, as his obsession with playing Scrooge made him forget to purchase anything for Wilma or Pebbles. He rushes to Bloomingshale’s, a department store, and makes his purchases, only to discover an enormous line at the gift wrapping station. After a failed attempt to push past the rest of the shoppers, Fred gives his presents to a young boy, telling him to have them wrapped and to wait at the store until his return…

Linda get's carried away with her part time mail sorter job and tries to deliver a forgotten package

the story of Rudolph, the ninth and youngest of Santa Claus's Reindeer.


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